St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th May 1759 - 19th December 1800

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Image 98 of 45511th September 1766

Fire Engines

Afterwards at the same Vestry Mr. Church Warden
Lem acquainted the Gentlemen present that the Parish Engines
having been much out of Repair he had caused the same
to be amended and repaired and produced Mr. John Bristow< no role > 's
Bill of the necessary Charge and expence attending the same
which amounted to the sum of Nineteen pounds. ten shillings
and six pence. He therefore desired leave of the Vestry to
discharge Mr. Bristow's said Bill, and the Question being put
it was unanimously agreed to.

Ordered That Mr. Church Warden Lem do pay Mr.
John Bristow< no role > 's Bill for the necessary repairs of the Parish
Engines amounting to the sum of Nineteen pounds ten shillings
and six pence, and be allowed the same upon the Audit of his

Bell Ropes

Mr. Church Warden Lem then observed to the Vestry
that the Bell Ropes were old, and in bad Condition, and that
there wanted new ones; and the same were Ordered accordingly.

Nl: Andrews
Vestry Clerk


At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the North and
South Precincts of this Parish on Tuesday December
16th. 1766.

Present Mr. William Lem< no role >
Mr. James Green< no role >
Church Wardens.

Mr. Francis Leech< no role > Mr. Geo: Maynard< no role > Mr. John Chauntrell< no role >
Mr. John Haydon< no role > Mr. Willm. Kippax< no role > Mr. John Brooks< no role >
Mr. Henry Newton< no role > Mr. Goodson Vines< no role > Mr. John Barnard< no role > ,
Mr. John Reynolds< no role > , Mr. Tell Stutter< no role > Mr. Charles Long< no role > ,
Mr. Joseph Richardson< no role > Mr. Peter Dutton< no role > , Mr. Edwd: Treadway< no role > ,
Mr. John Hawkins< no role > , Mr. Henry Giles< no role > , and others.

N.B. By the late Act of
Parliament for paving
and Cleansing the City
of London the Scavengers
& Lamp Rate were Consoli-
[..] dated and the Collectors
orderd to be appointed
yearly by the Aldermen
and Common Council
of each respective Ward
in manner as therein
mentioned. N: A.

Mr. Church Warden Lem acquainted the Gentlemen
Present. That this Precinct Meeting was summoned pursuant
to Public notice given in the Church for the Choice of
Ward Officers for the Year ensuing.

And Mr. Robert Woodmarsh< no role > being first in
Nomination was put up to serve the Offices of Constable
and Inquest Man and Chose.

Inquest men

Then Mr. Joseph Barber< no role > being the next in
Nomination was put up to serve the said Offices of
Constable and Inquest Man and Chose.

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