St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th May 1759 - 19th December 1800

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Image 89 of 45518th December 1765

Maintenance of

Afterwards At the same Vestry Mr. Church Warden
Haydon desired That so much of the last Order of Vestry
made the 7th. day of August last as related to the Poor at
Mr. Birch's might be now read And the same was read
accordingly He then acquainted the Gentlemen present
That in pursuance of the same Order He with Mr.
Church Warden Lem and the Overseers had treated and
Agreed with Mr. Birch for the maintenance of the
Parish Poor in the Workhouse for one Year certain to
commence from the first day of November next At the
rate or allowance of Three shillings and six pence per
Week for each Man or Woman and Three shillings per
Week for eah Child which Agreement was approvd of
by this Vestry and Ordered to be carried into Execution.

At a Vestry held on Wednesday Decr. 18th. 1765

Present Mr. John Haydon< no role >
Mr. William Lem< no role >
Church Wardens.

Mr. Richard James< no role > , Mr. Francis Leech< no role > , Mr. Jas. Green.
Mr. Geo: Maynard< no role > , Mr. Willm: Kippax< no role > , Mr. Peter Pope< no role > .
Mr. Willm. Chesson< no role > , Mr. Hen: Newtion, Mr. John Chauntrell< no role >
Mr. James Hebert< no role > , Mr. Willm: Arch. Mr. Edwd: Colson< no role > .
Mr. Joseph Barber< no role > , Mr. Edwd: Kent< no role > , Mr. Patrick Baxter< no role >
Mr. Willm. Ouchterlony< no role > Mr. Hen: Adams< no role > Mr. Edmd. Hopkins< no role >
Mr James Allen< no role > Mr. John Froud< no role > , Mr. Willm: Jewell.
Mr. Edward Treadway< no role > , and Others.

Fire Engines

Mr. Church Warden Haydon acquainted
the Gentlemen present that a Complaint had been
made to him by Mr. John Cooper< no role > Engineer of this
Parish That the Parish Engines were out of
Repair and That if another Length of Hose was
added to each Engine, It wou'd. be of great Service
in Case of Accidents by Fire And the same being taken
into Consideration Mr. George Maynard< no role > Moved
That the Church Warden be desired to give Orders
that a Length of Hose be added to each Engine
and what else should be necessary for the Repairs

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