St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th May 1759 - 19th December 1800

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Image 77 of 45520th September 1764

Ordered that so much of the several Orders of
Vestry of the 5th. Sept 1726 when the Chimes were first set up
and of the 17th. Decr. 1733 when Mr. Thomas Hunter< no role > first
took Care of the same be now read, which were read

Then several Gentlemen present with Mr.
Church Warden Kappax went up to view the same and
upon their Return to the Vestry a Motion was made that
a Sum not exceeding the Sum to Forty Pounds according
to Mr. Green's First Estimate be allowd for putting the
said Clock and Chimes in a Thorough Repair and being
Seconded, the Question was put, and carried in the
Affirmative. Nemine Contradicente.

Ordered That a Sum not exceeding the Sum of
Forty Pounds be allow'd Mr. Green for putting the said
Clock and Chimes in a Thorough Repair according to
the First Estimate delivered in by him.

Ordered That a Sum not exceeding the Sum
of Three Guineas be allow'd Mr. Charles Long< no role > for
making a good and substantial Case of whole Deal
for the said Clock and Chimes.

Ordered That Mr. Andrews the Vestry Clerk
do taken Account of the several Sums of Money that
have been Laid out and expended in the Repairs of
the Clock and Chimes from the 17th. Decr. 1733 to
Michmas 1764 and report the same to the next Vestry.

And Mr. James Green< no role > was desired to consider
and deliver in at the next Vestry his Proposals for
taking Care of the Clock and Chimes for a term of Years
at a certain Salary and keep the same in a constant

Repair of Church

Then Mr. Church Warden Kippax acquainted
the Gentlemen present that the Lead Work over the
the Turret or Saints Bell was bad and wanted to be

Order'd That the Church Wardens be
Empowered to Employ proper Persons to Repair the
said Lead Work, and other incident Repairs that
may now be wanting.

Exd. P. Nath Andrews< no role >
Vestry Clerk

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