St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th May 1759 - 19th December 1800

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Image 74 of 45520th September 1764

Iron Chest

Afterwards at the same Vestry Mr. Church Warden Willm.
Kippax acquainted the Gentlemen present. That It Woud be
convenient, if they approved of it. To have an Iron Chest Kept
in the Vestry Room as a Repository for the Parish Records
and Church Plate in case of Fire, but upon motion the same
was postponed sine die.

Church Wardens

He also told them that Mr. Francis Leech< no role > late Upper
Church warden had charged in his Account the Sum of One pound
Eight Shillings by him disburs'd during the Time of his Office
towards Relief of sunday Casual Poor, which was Refused to
be allow'd him upon the Audit of his Account But he hoped
this Vestry wou'd consider of and allow the same And Mr. Leech's
Book wherein the Entries were made of his disbursements on those
occasions, together with the Parish Ledger were bought up to the
Table and perused, and after some debate.

Mr. John Roberts< no role > moved that the said Sum of One
pound eight shillings shou'd be paid to Mr. Leech. by the
present Upper Church Warden and be allow'd him upon the
Audit of his Account. and being Seconded by Mr. John Chauntrell< no role >
the Question was put on the said Motion, and carried in the

Ordered That Mr. Church Warden Willm. Kippax< no role >
Do pay to Mr. Leech the said Sum of One pound Eight
Shillings by him disbursd P Account towards relief of sundry
Casual Poor during the time of his office And that Mr. Kippax
be allow'd the same upon the Audit of his Account.

It was Afterwards moved that the Sum of One
pounds Twelve Shillings also charged in Mr. Leech's Account
for a Journey to Ware, and Refused to be Allow'd him upon
the Audit shoud be paid to him by the Present Upper Church
Warden, But It appearing the said Journey was taken without
the previous Order of Vestry and without any Report made
It past in the Negative.

Church Clock
and Chimes

Then Mr. Thomas Hunter< no role > desired Leave to
Resign at Michaelmas next the Care of the Church Clock
and Chimes, Which was agreed to. and Mr. James Green< no role >

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