St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th May 1759 - 19th December 1800

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Image 69 of 45526th April 1764

Bellows blower
Parish Warder

Then Mr John Iselton< no role > was put up and Chose Sexton
Bellows Blower and also parish Warder and Street Keeper for
the year ensuing with a Gratuity of One Guinea Allowed over
and above his Salary upon the Motion of Mr Henry Newton< no role >

Parish Clerk

Ordered that Mr John Winter< no role > Oswin the parish
Clerk be paid by the Chuch Wardens the Sum of 20..19..0
for one Year ending at Lady day last, not as a fixt Salary
but as a Gratuity only, Upon Condition he dont presume to
Collect any Money from the parishioners under colour or in Lieu
of Wages, And that he constantly Attend and discharge the Duty
of his place upon all Occasions


Ordered That Mr George Maynard< no role > Mr Robert Crafton< no role >
Mr Peter Pope< no role > , Mr Richard James< no role > , Capt William Wylde< no role > , Mr
James Hebert< no role > Junr , Mr James Dunn< no role > , and Mr Henry Newton< no role >
or any Three of them be Appointed Auditors to Audit the Account
of Mr Francis Leech< no role > , the same to be audited in One Month

Parish Boundaries

Afterwards Mr Henry Newton< no role > Reported from the
Committee appointed to meet a Committee of the parish of
Saint Andrew Hubbard touching the parish Boundarys and
Settling all Disputes concerning the same, That the Parish
Boundarys at Mr Richard Oswalds< no role > House in Phillpot Lane< no role >
had been properly Ascertained between this parish and the
Parish of Saint Andrew Hubbard

And he also Moved that a plan of the parish Boundarys
might be Drawn, and the same Committee empowered by this
Vestry to employ or proper person for that purpose, And being
Seconded by Mr Hebbert the Question and put on the said
Motion and past in the Affirmative

Plan of Parish

Ordered That a plan of the parish Boundarys be
drawn and set up in the Vestry Room, and that the said
Committee be empowered to Employ a proper person to draw
the same.

Exd. P Nath Andrews< no role >
Vestry Cl.

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