St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th May 1759 - 19th December 1800

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Capt William Wilde< no role > 0..5..4
Revd Mr Rhudde0..5..6
Mr Richd James0..5..0
Mr George Maynard< no role > 0..5..0
Mr Church Warden Hebert0..5..6
Mr Henry Newton< no role > 0..5..0

St. Dionis Back Church .

Church Rate

At a Publick Vestry held for this Parish on Thursday the
7th: day of October One Thousand Seven hundred and Sixty two
in the Vestry Room of the said Parish Pursuant to publick
Notice given in the Church for that purpose It was Agreed
by the Parishioners and Inhabitants Assembled in Vestry
that a Rate or Assessment be made on the Parishioners
Inhabitants and other Occupiers of Houses Lands Tenements
Shops Stalls and other premisses in the said Parish for
the Necessary Repairs of the said Church and other
Necessary Expences and Disbursements for one Year
Commencing from Easter last to Easter next ensuing
after the Rate of Six pence in the pound to be Computed
according to the Land Tax Books and Directed that the
Church Wardens of this Parish Do get such Rate made
and Confirmed as Necessary

Robert Osley< no role >
Robert Gosling< no role >
Wilm. Newill< no role >
J: W: Oswin

Jas Hebert< no role > Junr
Fran Leach< no role >
John Chauntrell< no role >
Thos Hunter< no role >
Peter Pope< no role >
Richd James< no role >
Heny, Newton
John Phillibrown< no role >
William Kippax< no role >
John Haydon< no role >
Charles Long< no role >

Exd P Nath Andrews< no role >
Vestry Cl.

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