St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th May 1759 - 19th December 1800

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Image 52 of 45520th May 1762

Ordered that the parish Chimes be now repaird according to
the said Estimate and that the Church Wardens do give Directions


Ordered that Mr George Maynard< no role > , Mr Peter Pope< no role > , Mr
Richard James< no role > Mr Henry Newton< no role > Mr Thomas Hunter< no role > and Mr
James Dunn< no role > or any three of them be appointed Auditors to Audit
the Account of Capt. William Wilde< no role > the same to be Audited in one

Exd P Nath Andrews< no role >
Vestry Cl

Day 1762.

At a Meeting on Ascension Day being the 20th. May 1762 .

Present Mr James Hebert< no role > Junr
Mr Francis Leech< no role > } Church Wardens

Mr George Maynard< no role > , Mr Richard James< no role > , Mr Henry Newton< no role >
Mr John Chauntrell< no role > , Mr James Dunn< no role > , Capt William Wilde< no role > & others

This Meeting was summoned by Mr James Hebert< no role > Junr Upper
Church Warden for the Distribution of the following Charitable Legacys

Warham and
Deane's Gifts

Sir Robert Clarkes< no role > 2..0..0

Mr Warehams pd by the
Carpenters Company} 0..10..0

Mrs Deans pd by the
Ironmongers Company< no role > }0..3..4

Robt. Hutchinson< no role > 0..2..6Sarah Parker< no role > This name instance is in set 1455. 0..2..6
Ann Roberts< no role > 0..2..6John Wilde< no role > 0..1..0
Eliz: Docketty< no role > 0..2..6Martha Dennis< no role > 0..1..6
Sarah Steeton< no role > 0..2..6Eliz: Hughes< no role > 0..2..6
Sarah Nason< no role > 0..2..0Eliz: Cutler< no role > 0..2..0
Mary Parnell< no role > 0..2..6Eliz: Briggs< no role > 0..1..6
Ann Watts< no role > This name instance is in set 773. 0..2..6Eliz: Truelove< no role > 0..1..0
Mary Ledbury< no role > 0..2..6Sarah Holford< no role > 0..2..6
Rebecca Christy< no role > 0..1..0Letitia Norris< no role > 0..1..6
Mary Nason< no role > 0..2..6Mary Read< no role > 0..2..6
Sarah Harrison< no role > 0..2..6Samuel Potter< no role > 0..1..6
Alice Motte< no role > 0..1..6Southgate 0..1..0
Adde Field< no role > 0..2..6

Ann Gunn< no role > Wido & three

of Sacrament

At this Meeting the several sums hereunder mentioned
amounting together to the sum of 1..11..4 received for
Sacrament Money were left in the hands of the following
Gentlemen to be by them Distributed to the Poor Vizt.

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