St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th May 1759 - 19th December 1800

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Image 29 of 45516th December 1760

At a Vestry held on Tuesday the 16th day of Decemr
1760 .

Present Mr Henry Newton< no role >
Capt William Wylde< no role > } Church Wardens

Mr George Maynard< no role > Mr Richard James< no role > Mr Jno Chauntrell< no role >
Mr Thomas Hunter< no role > Mr Peter Pope< no role > Mr Wm Chesson< no role >
Mr John Johnson< no role > Mr William Jewell< no role > Mr Peter Culver< no role >
Mr Rob Scouthroup< no role > Mr Joseph Chorley< no role > Mr Robt Osley< no role >
Mr Henry Rutt< no role > Mr Benjn Lucas< no role > Mr Josh Spachman
Mr Aeneas McMillan Mr Paul Berthon< no role > Mr Thos Hudson< no role >
Mr Stephen Lyn< no role > Mr Willm Coombes< no role > Mr Fras Leach< no role >
Mr Henry Gretton< no role > Mr Willm Kippax< no role > Mr Josh. Kippax< no role >
Mr John Froud< no role > Mr John Jeffries< no role > Mr Chas Long< no role >
and others

Light facing
South Church Yard

At this Vestry Mr Church Warden Newton look
Notice that Mr Daniel Taylor< no role > had in the Year 1742
by the Consent of this Parish struck out a New Light
on the side front of his then Dwelling House in Fenchurch
Street facing the South Church Yard adjoining to the
Tower or Steeple and that the same being upon
Sufferance only it woud be Necessary to have some
Acknowledgement in Writing to that Effect under
the hands of the present Tenants of the said House

Ordered that an Order of Vestry made the 17th
day of January 1742 so far as the same related to
such New Light be now read And the same was
read accordingly

Ordered That Mr Andrews the Vestry Clerk Do
wait on Messrs Buller and Arch the present
Tenants of the said House, and acquaint them with
the said Order of Vestry and take a proper
Acknowledgement in Writing under their hands
that such New Light was upon Sufferance only
and that the same shoud be Shutup when there to
required by the present or any future Church
Wardens of this Parish.

Maintenance of

Mr Church Warden Newton afterwards took

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