St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th May 1759 - 19th December 1800

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Image 16 of 45521st December 1759

Robt Hutchison< no role > 0:1:6
Ann Roberts< no role > 0:1:0
Margaret Morgan< no role > 0:1:0
Eliz: Docketty< no role > 0:1:6
Sarah Steeton< no role > 0:1:0
Mary Parnell< no role > 0:2:6
Widow Bowen0:2:0
Rebecca Christy< no role > 0:1:0
Mr Gray0:2:0
Eliz: Hughes< no role > 0:3:0
Eliz: Truelove< no role > 0:2:0
Susan Langridge< no role > 0:0:6
John Clifton< no role > This name instance is in set 3415. 0:5:0
Ann Bonner< no role > 0:1:6
Charles Wallace< no role > 0:1:0
Margt Harris< no role > 0:1:0
Ann Cutler< no role > 0:1:0
Eliz: Thomas< no role > 0:2:0
Sarah Nason< no role > 0:1:0
Widow Ledbury0:2:0
Martha Dennis< no role > 0:1:0
Carrd over 1..14..6

Brought over 1:14:6

Mary Woolnough0:1:0
Eliz: Cutler< no role > 0:2:0
Roberts and Wife0:1:0
Mary Nason< no role > 0:2:0
The two Gamuels0:1:0
Ann Watts< no role > 0:1:0
John Wylde< no role > 0:2:0
Mrs Parker0:5:0
Flax 0:0:6
Mrs Whittle0:5:0
Mr Haydens Man0:2:6
Poor Children by
Mr James0:4:4
Mr Moore0:5:0

At a Vestry held on Thursday the 10th day of January 1760

Present Mr Richard James< no role >
Mr Henry Newton< no role > } Church Wardens

Mr George Maynard< no role > Mr John Reynolds< no role > Mr John Hayden< no role >
Mr Charles Morris< no role > Mr Aeneas Mc Millan Mr Peter Pope< no role >
Mr John Chauntrell< no role > Mr Willliam Kippax< no role > Mr John Tipper< no role >
Mr John Cooper< no role > Mr Richard Allen< no role > Mr John Farley< no role >


This Vestry was Summoned by Mr Church Warden James
Pursuant to Publick Notice read in the Church In Order
to Six upon a day for the Choice of Lecturer of this Parish
in the Room of the Reverend Dr Dixon who had resigned
and Dr Dixons Letter of Resignation directed to Mr James
was brought up to the Table and Ordererd to be read and
the same was Read accordingly

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