St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th May 1759 - 19th December 1800

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Image 15 of 45521st December 1759

Sacrament Money.

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Sarah Steeton< no role > 0:1:00:1:0
Sarah Nason< no role > 0:1:00:1:0
Mary Parnell< no role > 0:1:00:2:0
Ann Watts< no role > 0:1:60:1:0
Widow Bowen0:2:60:2:6
Widow Ledbury0:1:60:1:6
Rebecca Christy< no role > 0:1:00:1:0
Eliz: Truelove< no role > 0:1:00:1:0
Susan Langredge< no role > 0:0:60:0:6
Elilz: Chambers< no role > 0:0:60:0:6
Martha Dennis< no role > 0:1:00:1:0
Mary Woolnough0:1:00:1:0
Mr Grey0:2:60:2:6
Eliz: Flax< no role > 0:0:60:0:6
Robert Arnold< no role > 0:0:60:0:6
Susan Nobarro< no role > 0:0:60:0:6
Mary Rumney< no role > 0:1:00:1:6
Sarah Harrison< no role > 0:2:00:3:0
Widow Norris0:1:00:1:0
Eliz: Hughes< no role > 0:0:00:3:0
Mr Haydens Man0:0:00:5:0

St. Stephen's
Day 1759.}

At a Meeting on St Stephens Day the 26th Decemr 1759.

Present Mr Richard James< no role >
Mr Henry Newton< no role > } Church Wardens

Mr George Maynard< no role > Mr John Perkins< no role > Mr Peter Pope< no role >

Percival and
Tyson's Gifts

At this Meeting the Gift or Benefaction of Forty Shillings
Given Yearly to the Poor of this Parish by the Lady
Margaret Osborne< no role > together with the further Sum of Thirty
Shillings being, the Interest of 30 given also to the Poor by
the will of the late Dr Edward Tyson< no role > decd & 1s..4d being ye Yearly
Gift of Sir John Percival< no role > amounting to the Sum of three
Pounds Eleven Shillings & four pence which was Distributed
as follows Vizt.

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