St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th May 1759 - 19th December 1800

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Engine Keeper

John Iselton< no role > was then put up and chose Keeper
of the Fire Engines for the year ensuing.


Mr. Thomas Hunter< no role > present Church Warden Mr.
William Lampkin< no role > , Mr. John Layton< no role > , and Mr. Thomas
Lancaster were Severally nominated to be Overseers
of the Poor for the year ensuing.


Ordered that Mr. Tombs Mr. Lancaster, Mr. Layton
and Mr. Lampkin, late Overseers. Mr. Green, Mr. Dod
Mr. Irvine, and Mr. Rutt Senr. or any three of them
be appointed Auditors to audit the Account of Mr.
Church Warden Hunter the same to be audited in one
month after Ascension day.

The Vestry was then adjourned until another Summons

Nl: Andrews
Vestry Cl

Day 1796.

At a Meeting on Ascension day the 5th. May 1796

Present Mr. John Wilkinson< no role > , Upper Church Warden
Mr. Willm. Lampkin< no role > , Mr. John Tombs< no role > Mr. Thos. Hunter< no role >

At this Meeting the following charitable Segacies were

Warham and< no role >
Deane's Gifts

Sir Robert Clarkes< no role > 2 -
Mr. Warham's paid by the Carpenter's Company-10..
Mrs. Dean's paid by the Ironmongers Company- 3:4

To the Poor

Mary May< no role > 1:6
Widow Jones1:6
Jane Lewis< no role > 1:6
Eliz: Wilson< no role > 1:6
Eliz: Branch< no role > 1:6
Ann Coates< no role > 1:6
Vickers Hare< no role > 1:6
Mary Wetherall< no role > 1:6
Lucy Mays< no role > 1:6
Mary Harding< no role > 1:6
Mary Rutherford< no role > 1:6
Carrd. up16:6

Brot. up16:6
Fras. Steventon< no role > 1:6
Mary Nichols< no role > 1:6
Martha Wodam1:6
Eliz: Morgan< no role > 1:6
Mary Joyce< no role > 1:6
Mary Harrison< no role > 1:6
Jerh. Alford< no role > 1:6
Eliz Vincent< no role > 1:6
Susan Crowder< no role > 1:6
Ann Jefferies< no role > 1:6
Mary Bunting< no role > 1:6
Carrd. over 1:13 -

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