St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th May 1759 - 19th December 1800

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Image 356 of 45528th April 1791

Brot. up 6:2:6
Susan Crowder< no role > 2:6
Jane Cochran< no role > 2:6
Eliz. Steventon< no role > 2:6
Eliz. Cotton< no role > 2:6
Mary Nichols< no role > 2:6
Carrd. up 6:15

Brot. up 6:15
Eliz. Reece< no role > 2:6
Mary Daily2:6
Mary Harrison< no role > 2:6
Jas. Coomes< no role > 1 -
Mary Rutherford< no role > 2:6
Poor in the Workhouse . 1:4,,

At a Vestry held on Thursday the 28th April 1791

PresentMr. John William< no role > Galabin
Mr. Matthew Gibbs< no role > } Church Wardens

Mr. Thos. Lancaster< no role > , Mr. Robt. Jevine, Mr. Alexr. Pirrie< no role >
Mr. Willm. Wilson< no role > , Mr. Thos. Brown< no role > , Mr. Saml. Harris,
Mr. Robt. Morris< no role > , Mr. J. Winter Oswin< no role > , Mr. Chas. Robins< no role >
Mr. William Arch< no role > This name instance is in set 1505. , Mr. James Green< no role > , Mr. Willm. Ball< no role >
Mr. Henry Hammelburg< no role >

Church Wardens

The Ministers of the East Vestry of the 9th. September
read and confirmed, also the Minutes of the 7th instants
respecting the Statement of Mr. Galabin's Account.

Mr. Church Warden Galabin then acquainted the
Gentlemen present that this Vestry was held pursuant
to public notice given in the Church for the annual
Election of Parish Officers and on other affairs.

Church Wardens

Mr. Mathew Gibbs< no role > was put up to serve the Office of
Upper Church Warden for the Year ensuing and Chose
and Mr. Robert Morris< no role > was put up and Chose to serve
the Office of Under Church Warden.


Mr. John Jackson< no role > and Mr. Robert Cattley were
severally put up and Chose Collectors of the Poor's
Rate and Sidesmen for the year ensuing.

Organ Tuner< no role >

Ordered that Miss Sarah Ormes be continued
Organist and Mr. George Griffin< no role > Tuner and Cleaner
of the Organ

Bellowe blower< no role >
Parish Warden

John Iselton< no role > was put up and chose Sexton, Bellows
Blower and Parish Warden, and It was ordered that
Ten Guineas be given to him as a Gratuity over and
above his salary for his service during the past year

Parish Clerk

Ordered that a Sum not exceeding Thirty one Pounds
fifteen Shillings be fraid to Mr. John Winter< no role > Oswin
Parish Clerk for one Year ending at Lady day last

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