St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th April 1712 - 20th February 1759

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Image 224 of 61718th December 1734

To Mrs: Steadman0..3..0Elizabeth Gray< no role > 0..1..6
Frances Bunting< no role > 0..2..0Mrs: Poole0..1..6
Elizabeth Davison< no role > 0..3..0Widow Taylor0..1..0
Mary Fairbrother< no role > 0..1..6Elizabeth Wilson< no role > 0..1..6
Jane Hutcheson< no role > 0..1..0Sarah Edmonds< no role > 0..1..6
John Southgate< no role > 0..1..6Susan Ware< no role > 0..2..0
Susan Compere< no role > 0..3..0Mary Carter< no role > 0..1..0
James Spillar< no role > 0..2..6Judith Raynor< no role > 0..1..0
Sarah Wooles< no role > 0..1..60..11..0

At a Vestry held on Wednesday, the 22d: January. 1734

PresentMr: John Clarke< no role > : Church Warden.

Mr. James Hebert< no role > .Mr: James Spackman< no role > Mr: William Flemming< no role >
Mr. Richard Tirrell< no role > ,Mr: John Pourt,Mr: John Watton< no role >
Mr: George Scullard< no role > ,Mr: James Goode,Mr: Jasper Helment< no role > .
Mr: Richd: West< no role > . Hosr :Mr: Charles Ball< no role > ,Mr: Joseph Mitchell< no role >
Mr: Edward Grant< no role > ,Mr: Luke Morrice< no role > ,Mr: William Bassett< no role > ,
Mr: James Marriner< no role > ,Mr: William Barber< no role > ,Mr: Hastings Ingram< no role >
Mr: Neveand others.

Commee. Agreemt. with St.
Mary Newington for
maintaining the Poor at
3s. P. Head P Week. Exclusive
of Physick & Cloaths.

At this Vestry Mr: Church Warden Clarke from the Committee
appointed to Consider of Way's & Means for the better maintaining
and providing for the Poor & Ease of this Parish. Reported that
the Committee had made a Provisional Agreements with the Church
-Wardens & Overseers of the Poor for the Time being of the Parish of
Saint Mary Newington for maintaining the Poor of this Parish
Weekly at the Rate & Allowance of Three Shillings P Head, the said
Church Wardens & Overseers finding and providing for them all
Manner of Necessary's, Exclusive of Physick and Cloths.

Order of Vestry of 31st July
1734: Read & Confirmed.

Ordered That an Order of Vestry of 31st: July 1734 be now Read & the
Same was read Accordingly.

Ordered That the said Order of Vestry of 31st July 1734: Be

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