St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

24th April 1712 - 20th February 1759

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Image 13 of 6179th December 1718

At a Vestry held the 9th. Day of Decembr. 1718


Mr. James Webster< no role >
Mr. John Barker< no role > } Church Wardens

Mr. Hayward< no role >
Mr. Harward< no role >
Mr. Wilson
Mr. Hankey
Mr. Ingram< no role >
Mr. Dawson< no role >
Mr. Aireman
Mr. Parnell< no role >

Mr. White
Mr. Holloway Senr< no role > .
Mr. Wimpress
Mr. Jenkins
Mr. Smith
Mr. Saunders
Mr Wilmore< no role >
Mr. Hanson
Mr. French

Mr Jesson< no role >
Mr. Green
Mr. Armstrong< no role >
Mr. Rushbatch< no role >
Mr. Paine
Mr. Homand
Mr. Dodd< no role >
Mr. Marriner

This & Vestry was Sumoned by Mr. James
< no role > Upper Church Warden for the Choice of Ward Officers
(Vizt) Scavenger Constable Inquestmen & Comon Councell Men for the
year Ensueing

Mr. Levey 12

Then was Mr. Joseph Levey< no role > put up and Chosen for all Ward
offices who desired to be admitted to fine and was promissed to be
admitted accordingly by Mr. Hayward. paying the Usuall fine of twelve

Mr Barnard 12

Then was Mr. Thomas Barnard< no role > This name instance is in set 1474. put up & Chosen who Likewise
desired to be Admitted to Fine And was promised to be Admitted
accordingly by Mr. Hankey paying the Usuall fine of Twelve pounds.

Mr Hanson

Then was Mr. Edward Hanson< no role > put Up and Chosen but being a
Virtually was rejected And The Question being put Whether he should
pay five pounds for Serveing it was carried in the Negative.

Mr Green

Then Mr. Green desired to be Excused for One Year which was
granted Upon Mr. Greens promise that he would Fine if he continued
in the parish.

Mr Davison
Scavenger Constable &

Then Mr. Henry Davison< no role > was putt up and upon a full Debate
was chosen into all Ward Offices for the Ensueing Year who
Agreed to Serve.

Mr Jones Served
years Inquestmen

Then Mr. John Jones< no role > callender was put up for second Years Inquestman
and upon a full debate was chosen accordingly who Agree to Serve
the Same.

Mr. Hankey
Mr. Eams
Mr. Hayward
Mr. Ingram
Mr. Blackhall} Comon Councell

Then were put up for Comon Councell men on the Psons following (Vizt)
Mr. Henry Hankey< no role > Mr. Richard Eames< no role > Mr. Joseph Hayward< no role > Mr William
Ingram & Mr. John Blackhall< no role > who were Severally put to the Vote and
Chosen accordingly.

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