St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

7th January 1690 - 19th December 1711

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Image 259 of 38630th June 1698

Boyce Ower< no role > for 8 yeares

Att this Meeting Mr Deputy woods Requested to Allow
towards the Binding and Clothing of Boyce Ower< no role >
Apprentice to him Four Eight yeares:

£4 to wards said Charge

Ordered and Agreed by the said Vestry to give
Foure pounds accordingly towards the Defraying of
the said charge:

Att A Vestry holden the 30th: June 1698


Mr: John Lamb< no role >
Mr. Thomas Tewsley< no role > } Chdns :

Mr. Deputy Woods
Mr. John Richardson< no role >
Mr. Robert Glassbrooke< no role >
Mr. George Stannard< no role >
Mr. Robert Parnell< no role >
Mr Ezekiell Hall< no role >
Mr. Edwd. Gibson< no role >
Mr. Danll: Rawlinson< no role >
Mr. Webster.

Mr. John Dowson< no role >
Mr. John Barker< no role >
Mr. George Pinkney< no role >
Mr. Danll: Quartermain< no role >
Mr. William Ingram< no role >
Mr. Anthony Ferris< no role >
Mr [..] ffe
Mr. Peter Speight< no role >
Mr. Bennett
Mr. James Akerman< no role > .

Pentions two large

This Vestry was sumoned by Mr. John Lamb< no role > Upper
Churchwarden about reduceing ye. Pentions given by this Parish
some being att prsent. to Large and it being putt to ye. Vote it was
agreed the allowance shoud, be as followeth (Videlt)

To Goody Wagstaffe P weeke£00-02s-06d
To Goody Harris P week£00-01s-04d
To Good Mr: Court P week£00-02s-06d
To Mary Gould< no role > P week£00-02s-00d
To Goody Martin P week £00-03s-06d
To Mrs. Hammond P week£00-03s-06d
To Mrs Jackson P week£00-02s-06d

the pension to be pd. to any
unless they were their Badges
according to act of parliament

It was agreed att the same time that no Pension should be
paid to any unless they were their Badges according to Act
of Parliament.

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