St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Workhouse Inquest (Visitation) Minute Books

3rd June 1762 - 13th April 1779

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Image 52 of 972nd February 1768

Feb 2


Jas. Green< no role >
M Kelham}
Church wardens

Mr Newton
M Pope}

The Poor calld in & Severally examind
no Complaints

gave Mr Field 6d & one shilling
Mr Romney.

Hoxton March 1s: 1768

Jas. Green< no role >
Mr Pope< no role >
Mr Newton
Mr. Lemin

The Poor were all called in and severally Examined
and no Complaints gave 7 of them 1/ each and 7 [..]
3d. each Ordered Irons for the Legs of Richd Ebrall< no role >
and that some time of Nourishing thing & may be
given to Mary Romney

March 29

Sent Robt. Lancaster< no role > to the House
at Hoxton till the Banns could be
Published between him & Eliz Davis< no role >
whom he has promisd to Marry

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