St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Workhouse Inquest (Visitation) Minute Books

3rd June 1762 - 13th April 1779

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Image 42 of 976th May 1766

London the 6th May 1766 .


Mr James green< no role >
William Lem< no role > } Church Wardens

Mr Richd James< no role >
Mr Henry Newton< no role >
Mr John Haydon< no role > }

The Poor were all Called in & severally examined
Daniel Keanett< no role > was Cloaths from Head to foot the old Ones
being were not and full of Vermine Mrs. Yeslay not having had
the articles mentioned 1st. April is to be Luplied the smith
and to add there to a Handkerchief and a pair of Patters
Mr Hearney to have Coat weeks Coat Cap & Handkerchief
and Mat

London the 3d. June 1766

Mr. William Lem< no role > Churchwarden

Mr John Haydon< no role >
Mr. Richd. James< no role >
Mr. Peter Pope< no role > }

The Poor were all called in and severally examined and aged
to give the women One Shillings each and the been Lippen
each which was given accordingly to seven Woman and
four enbeing Nine Shillings in all Mory Hawkins< no role >
a Gown Petticoat Handkerchief Cap and apron and One
total her up upon which she is ordered to be discharged and the
Cloaths and Money to be given her [..]
[..] Give Mr Birch Shilling to be divided between the
Children in the County Wm Holde worth Lupton & Charles
Dionis No Complaints against the House

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