St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Workhouse Inquest (Visitation) Minute Books

20th May 1761 - 29th April 1788

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Image 69 of 1712nd April 1771

Paul Patrick Herney< no role > says that he came to
live with Mr. Mc. Carties in and about the
Year 1727 that he was abroad on his own and Mr.
Mc. Cartie's Business till the Year 1737 that soon
after his returns Mr. Mc. Cartie died that his Widon
& two Daughters all Married in and about two Years
left the House but that he Contained therein till
the Year 1743, that he was actually a Partner
with Mr. Mc. Cartie

Order'd Webb a pair of Shoes.

Hoxton April 2s. 1771


Mr. Henry Gretton< no role > Church Warden

Peter Pope< no role >
Richard James< no role > }

The Poor were severally called in, & examined,
Order'd Kerney a Shirt. that leave be given
to John Webb< no role > to go out to seek, for Work.

Gave ten Men & Women one Shilling each,
Six Boys six pence each, & two Shillings for
Crass Burns< no role > .

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