St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Workhouse Inquest (Visitation) Minute Books

20th May 1761 - 29th April 1788

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Image 43 of 1712nd December 1766

London 4th. November 1766 .

Mr. Green Church Warden

Mr. Pope
Mr. James
Mr. Newton
Mr. Haydon

The Poor were all call'd in, severally examined, and
no complaints.

Ordered, Sarah Holford< no role > an Electuary to be made up
according to a receit she has, for a Georbutic Disorder,
which she is afflicted with Martha Dionis< no role > to have
a Connection at Bark, mix'd with Brandy for her again
Orderd the Apothecary to come again to Elizabeth Holdsworth< no role >
she having had a return of her fever, agreed to give
Elizabeth Holford< no role > , a shift, Apron Handkerchief & a
Pair of Shoes.

London 2d. December 1766 .

Present Mr. William Lem< no role > Ch. Warden

Mr. Peter Pope< no role >
Mr. Richard James< no role >
Mr. Henry Newton< no role > } Overseers

The Poor were all call'd in and severally examined Martha
Dionis wants two Caps; Mr. Birch spoke to about Pat.
Dionis's Cloaths. Elizabeth Holdworth< no role > 2 Petticoats, 1 Pr. shoes
1 Pair Stockings; Mary Teazer< no role > to have 1 Pr. Shoes.

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