St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Workhouse Inquest (Visitation) Minute Books

20th May 1761 - 29th April 1788

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Image 23 of 1711st November 1763

advancing the Maintenance of the Poor, who was offered a
Gratuity of 16..6 for the two next Quarters, but desired time
to consider on it.

London November 1st. 1763 .

Mr. Francis Leach< no role >
Mr. William Kippax< no role > }
Church Wardens

Mr. Richard James< no role >
Mr. Peter Pope< no role >
Mr. James Hebert< no role > Junr . }

The Poor were all called in, & Severally examined & no Com-

When Chambers wanted a Coat, Waistcoat & Breeches.
Order'd proper physick for Potter or to be got into the Hospital
Mr. Elliotte desires to be got into the Hospital
Elizabeth Truelove< no role > a pair of stays.

Mr. Birch having agreed to accept the Gratuity of Six
Guineas since our last Meeting which commences this
day & indo the 1st. May next morning.

Agreed that the Proposal made between Mr. Birch and
the Parish shall be read at the First Meeting at Mr.
Birch's after the New Church Warden is Elected.

A Proposal was made by Mr. Hebert, & seconded by Mr. Pope
in Order to encourage the Poor to be Industrious that they
shall have the following Monthly Premiums which shall
be over & above what Mr. Birch allows them Viz.

For every Person that shall earn 3s. p Week. 1s. p Months.
Them who earn2/6 p Week 9d p Months
Them who earn2s. p Week 6d p Months

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