St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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St. Dionis Back Church Parish Dr.
1743. To Cash paid Yearly GiftsFolio(93)20..2..2
To Do. Paid Organs(93) 38..0..0
To Do. Paid Ringers(93). 5,,0..0
To Do. Paid Mr. Watton(93). 30:0:1
To Do. Paid Mrs. Woodd(93) 22.9:0
To Do. Paid John Cooper< no role > (93) 4:8:0
To Do. Paid Casual Poor(93 to 99).52 10 4
To Do. Paid Several Expences(99.100) 38:14:8
To Do. Paid Mr. Fell his Ballance100).55.2..3
To Do. paid Weekley Pentioners(101) 159.12..0
To do. Paid Yearly Bills(101) 107..1..5
To Do. Sacrament10..5.1.

Per contra Cr
To Cash reced of the Collectors(92) 291..17..0
Do: of Sundry's(92)6:16:0
Do. Parish Rents(92) 76.3..10
Do. A Ward Fine(92) 12..0..0
Do. for Burialls(92) 17:10:4
Do. Yearley Gifts(92)7:2:2
Do. Sacrament Money10..5..1 421..14..5
To Ballance121..10..7

June 6th. 1744
The Foregoing Account of Receipts & Disbursments of Mc
Michael Aylett< no role > was audited Examined & Allowed by us whose
Names are here under written & there remains due from the
Said Parish of Saint Dionis Backchurch to the Said
Michael Aylett< no role > late Church Warden the Sum of one
Hundred and twenty one Pounds ten Shilling's & Seven
Pence which we Desire may be paid to him by Mr. Gilly the
present Church Warden out of the first Money's that he
shall receive from the Collectors of the Poor Rate

Exd Nath Andrews< no role >

Richd Tirrelln< no role >
James Hebert< no role >
Jno Clarke< no role >
Jno Watton< no role >
James Felby< no role >
Daniel Taylor< no role >

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