St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Sundry Expences
1743 Brought over 29:5:5
March 8 Spent on Collecting on the Kings Letter0:2:0
22 Spent with the Overseers Maunday Thursday 0..3..0
Coach to remove Brigg's Sick0:4:0
Spent Settling Parish officers1:3:0
1744. 24 Ribbon's Trueloves Boy's in Work0:2:0
Coachhire with overton & Back0:2:0
28. Trueloves Boy's0:0:6
Spent with the Collectors0:1:6
1744 31.Prayers for the Fast0:2:0 2..0..0
April 4 Paid Crook's Rent0:5:0
Spent Tryal on Wrights Pass0:2:6
5. Spent receiving Creswicks Rent0:2:0
12 Coach Yeaxley0:4:0
16. Spent Constables & Overseers Search0:5:6
18. Southgates Rent0:15:0
Lord Mayor's about Phillips0:1:0
20. Cripplegate Charges about Wright1:0:0
27. Spent receiving Gouldings Rent0:1:3
30. Paid Edge Watching for Priest P Rect1:17:6
Spent Settling with Collectors0:7:0
May 2. Smith At Lord Mayors0:1:0
8. Spent receiving Harrison's Rent0:5:0
10. DoGreen's Rent0:1:6
15. Spent Settling with Todd0:2:0
Spent with the Auditors of this Account
P Order of Vestry
2..2..0 2..11.6 38..14..8.

Cash paid Mr. James Fell< no role > late Church
Warden the Ballance of his Account.}55..2..3

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