St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Parish Rents [..]

1743 October. 11. Reced of Mrs. Creswick Years Rent dec Mich 18.. 0.. 0
Allowed Kings Tax3..12..0 14:8..0
Novr..12 Reced of Mr. Goulding Years Rent due at Michs5..0..0
Decr 15. of Mr. Harrison Years Rent due at Michs: 15..0..0
allowed Kings Tax3..8..1 11..11..10
Janry 18. of Mr. Green Years Rent due at Michs8:10:0
allowed Kings Tax1:12:0 6..18..0
1744 April 4 Of Mrs. Creswick Years Rent due at Lady Day. 18..0..0
Allowed Kings Tax3,,12,,0 14..8..0
28 of Mr. Goulding Years Rent due Lady Day5..0..0
May 8. Of Mr. Harrison Years Rent due Lady Day.15.0..0
Allowed Kings Tax3..0..0 12..0..0
10 of Mr. Green Years Rent due Lady Day. 8..10..0
allowed Kings Tax,1..12..0 6 18..0 76..3.10

Years Gifts Received
1743. Novr 23 Reced St. John Percivals< no role > by the C Wardens of Saint
Mary Wolnoth
Decr 15. Reced Margaret Deanes by the Ironmongers Co0.3.4
Jan:7. 3. Reced Roger Tindalls< no role > by the Armourers. Co2:10:0
1744.April 13. Reced Lady osborn's by Mr Wade (Glazier) Mids 1743. 2:0:0
18 Reced Sir Robert Clarks< no role > P Letton2:0:0
Reced Mr. Warehams by the CarpentersCo0:7:6

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