St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Sundry Expences
1742. May 18. Paid for two Books0:1:2
Paid at Bow Church 0:12:4
Do. for J. Anderson not Attending as Michs. Visitation0:6:4
20. Spent Receiving Vanhemert Fine0:1:0
24. Paid for Warrant for Poors Rate0:6:6
Spent trying Engine & Settling Assention Dinner No. (3) 0:13:2
Turncock to Drink0:1:0
Spent Settling Bounds0:1:0
28. Paid Mrs. Hussey for RibbonsNo.42:6:0
June 2. Spent with overseers about Norwood0:1:0
Coach hire for Nason0:1:3
Spent about Do. with her Brother0:2:2
9. Coach & Beedle Norwood0:3:2
11. New River Turncock0:1:0
Workman to Drink0:0:6
July 3. Paid for a Rope for the Saints BellNo. 100:13:6
8. Paid J. Husband Rent No. (12)0:12:6
13. Spent with the Overseers abt. Westermans Gift0:1:6
19. Southgate RentNo. (13.)0:15:0
23. Mary Husband Apprentice3:3:0
Spent on Binding Do0:4:0
Augt. 18. Spent with Allhallow's Church Wardens remove Pabargrant0:3:0
Gave and Spent Visiting Mew's Bonner and Rayner0:4:6
Septr. 8. Porter removing A Man out of the Markett0:1:0
11. Paviours BillNo.(15)0:7:6
Coach J. Oldham when Sick0:1:0
Spent Consulting Overseers about Allhallows. No. (17.)0:15:6
21. Paid Mariner for two Poors Rolls0:1:0
22. Paid Wine for Truelove Sick0:3:6
23. Paid Man Midwife for Do.1:1:0
Spent at Mitre with Allhallows & Overseers0:15:0
24. Brabant at Lord Mayor's & Expences0:3:2
Carried Over 3:8:8 10:14:7

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