St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Parish Rents
1742 October. 11. Reced. of Mrs. Creswick Years Rent due at Michs: 18:0:0
Allowed Kings Tax3:12:0
Novr. 10. Reced of Mr. Thos. Goulding< no role > Years Rent due at Michas5:0:0
19. of Mr. Robert Harrison< no role > Years Do due of Mich. 15:0:0
Allowed Kings Tax3:0:0
Decr. 3. of Mr. Green Years Rent due at Michs8:10:0
Allowed Kings Tax1:12:0
1743. April 7. of Mrs. Creswick Years Rent due at Lady Day18:0:0
Allowed Kings Tax3:12:0
30 of Mr. Thos. Goulding< no role > Year Rent due at Lady Day5:0:0
May26 of Mr. Harrison Years Rent due at Do15:0:0
Allowed Kings Tax3:0:0
July 6. of Mr. Green Year Rent due at Lady Day8:10:0
Allowed Kings Tax1:12:0

Yearly Gifts Reced.
1742 July 22 Recd. of Mr. Wareham by Carpenters Co. Due in Mr. Andertons Year0:7:6
August 5 Reced My Lady OsbornsDo2:0:0
Decr. 7 Recd. Mr. Deanes by Ironmongers Co. Due Do0:3:4
1743 April 23 Recd. Sr. Robt: Clarkes< no role > P Mr. Letton. Due Do2:0:0

1742 Decr: 12. Reced Mr. Deanes by Ironmongers Co. of Mr. Boddin's Beadle0:3:4
29. Reced Mr. Tindalls by Armourers Company2:10:0
1743 April. 4 Reced Sir. John Percivals< no role > by the Church Wardens of St. Mary
23. Reced Sir Robert Clarkes< no role > P Letton2:0:0
May 5. Reced Mr. Warehams P Carpenters Company0:7:6
June22. Reced Lady Osborns P. Mr. Wade. (Glazier)2:0:0

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