St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Sundry Expences brot. over£41..11.1

April. 7. Husbands for a Quarters Rent0..12..6
Paid Husbands for a Petition to gett into the Hospital0..1..0
Paid Stedman for Cloths0..9..0
8. Paid Mr. Tryon for his Coachman(27)3..18..0
Paid for Cloths for Martha Tayler to go into the Hospital with (28)0..16..0
Paid for 2 Summon's P Huggins0..2..0
Paid for Poors Rolls0..2..0
9. A Pair of Shoes for Eliza. Mayor0..2..0
Huggins for Cloths P Order of My Lord Mayor(25).1..0..2
12 Paid Mr Todd for receiving Mrs. Creswicks Rent0:2:0
Paid Southgates Quarters Rent0..15..0
Paid for a Summons P Southgate 0..1..0
Paid Martha Tayler for a Shift0..2..0
14. Paid her Expences getting into the Hospital0..8..0
Braben for Breeches 3s.3d. and a shift for his Wife 3s.
No. 300..6..3
Spent at the Mitre after Distributing Lady Harvey's Gift0..3..0
21. John Prichard< no role > for Breeches 0..2..6
Paid Fees to the Hospital for Husbands0..4..0
Paid for Necessary's for Do0..9..2
23. Paid for Cloths for Susan Stedman< no role > 0..5..0
Spent at the Mitre after a Vestry for Electing Parish Officers. (34)4..5..0

Paid Hutchinson for looking after Trueloves Children when
she was in the Hospital

24. Paid Truelove for shoes0..2..6

May 4. Paid Geo. Dowdell< no role > on taking Wm. Fair brother Apprentice (38.)3..0..0
5. Spent at a Vestry for Admitting Several to fire for Ch. Warden0..7..6
7. Expended at the Mitre in Examining the Poors Books0..4..6
8. Paid for Coals due in Mr. Scullards time(48)2..5..6
12.. Paid Briggs for a Petition to the Hospital & Fees0..5..0
18. Spent with Mr. Harrison on receiving his Rent0..4..0
Spent with Mr. Green on receiving his Rent0..2..0
June 4. Paid Hum. Mitchells Alm house0..4..0
Spent with the Collectors on making up the Poors Book0..6..6
Septr. 24. For a Dinner for the Auditors2..2..0
Paid Mr. Todds Bill for Bearers Searchers Etc(60)0..8..0

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