St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Casual Poor

Brought over 0:11:0

June. 11. Ann Beale by A Pass0:3..0
25. Judith Oldham< no role > 0:2:0
Mr. Neptunes Man0:2:6

Fair brother burnt out & lost all She had at the Fire in Shoemakers
Row near Aldgate

Gave Mary Poole< no role > for her Daughter0:1:0

Gave Crosland for his Grandson having been ill with the Small
Pox at Craydon

Gave Elizabeth Thompson< no role > having 3 Children with a Pass to Harwick 0:1:0
27. Gave to Robert Braban< no role > 0:1:0
30. Do0:1:0
July. 9. Jane Hutchinson< no role > 0:1:0
10. Paid Mr. Woodd for burying Sarah Ryley< no role > No. (4) 1:0:0
16. Alice Ayres< no role > having a Pass with 3 Children to Harwick0.0:6
Paid for putting Ann Rust< no role > in Bartho. Hospital & Charges1:8:0

17. Paid for a Shift; two Aprons stockings Raggs washing and
binding the Coate

23. Gave Judith Oldham< no role > for Shoes0:2:6
Paid John Mitchinder< no role > for taking Susa. Poole< no role > Apprentice No. (5.) 3:0:0
Gave Martha Tyler0:3..0
Augt. 8. Gave Elizabeth Hope< no role > 0:1:0

15. Gave Jane Hutchinson< no role > to buy a Shirt & Shoes to gett her Husband
into the Victualling office

Gave Timothy Dionis< no role > This name instance is in set 144514451445. by the Recommendation of Messrs: West &
Watton to keep him and his Wife from the Parish

Septr.4 Gave Susan Stedman< no role > for Shoes0:1:6
16. Gave Mary Troell0:5:0
17. Gave Anne Thorne0:2:0
18. Paid Edward Godolphin< no role > for taking Eliza: Gray< no role > Apprentice 3..0:0
Octor: 1. Robert Lewis< no role > to keep off the Parish0:2:6
3. Gave John Prichard< no role > 0:1:0
8. Gave Robt. Lewis0:2:6
Gave Ann Martin< no role > when She was Sent from St. Lukes to us0:2:6
Gave a Woman with a Pass0:2:0
Gave David Morris< no role > Mr. Hawy's Man to buy Things0:5..0

15. For putting Ann Martin< no role > into the Hospital & buying her
Necessary's as P BillNo. 9

17. Gave John Prickett for Shoes0:2:6
Carried over 16:3..0

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