St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Parish Rents Brought over 52:9:-

Reced of Thomas Goulding< no role > a Years Rent due at Lady Day 17415:0:0
1741 May. 13. Reced of Mr. Harrison a Years Rent due at Lady Day15:0:0

June 24. Reced of Mr Green half a Years Rent due at Lady Day8:10:0

Yearly Gifts Reced

Septr9. Reced of Mr. Warcham0:7:6
Decr:11. Reced of the Ironmongers Company Mrs. Deanes0:3:4
31. Reced of the Armonrers Company Mr. Roger Tindalls< no role > 2:10:0
1741. May. 13 Reced Sir Robert Clarkes Gift2:0:0
July. 9. Reced My Lady Osbornes Gift2:0:0

Reced of Sundry's.
1740. Decr. 11. Reced for the Old Branch in the Church Weight 147 at 10d P A6:2:6
30 Reced of Dr. Smith for his new Branch30:15:0
1741. April. 19. Reced Ann Martins Deposit from St. Bartho. Hospital 1:1:0
Reced on the Church Rate at Several times416:6:6

Cash Paid to Sundry's on Account of
Saint Dionis Back Church .

Mr. Woods Bills.

To Cash paid Mr. Wood. due Midsr: 1740No. (3) 5:1:6
Do.Do.Due Michs. 1740No. (10) 6:4:0
DoDodue Xtmas 1740(21) 12:11:6
DoDodue Lady Day 1741(39) 8:6:9
To Cash paid Benjamin Todd< no role > :(47.) 3:6:10


Paid Mr. Hart a Years Salary due at Michs. 1740No. (11) 15:0:0
Paid DoDodue at Lady Day 1741(38) 15:0:0
Paid Mr. Harris Organ Builder(43) 8:0:0

1740. Janry. 7. Cash Paid Mr. John Watton< no role > the Ballance of his Account(23.)31:12:2

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