St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Casual Poor Brot. over£44.10.2½

March. 12. Gave to a large Family with a Pass0:2:0
Paid for 2 Shifts & 2 Aprons for Grey's Girl0:6:1½
13. Gave to a Man with a Pass0:0:6
15. Gave to a Woman with Do0:1:0
19. Gave to a Woman with Do0:1:0
20. Gave to a Woman with 3 Children with Do0:1:0
21. Paid a Quarters Rent for Cutler0:8:3.
A Gown, 2 Shifts & a pair of Stay's Esther Dionis< no role > 0:15:6
23. Gave Rachel Lewis0:5:0
Spent going to Paddington 0:7:0
1740. March 25. Paid keeping for Richard Roberts< no role > at Paddington to Laday0:7:10
A Shirt for him0:3:0
April. 1. Gave Rachel Lewis0:5:0
3 Caps Etc. for Greys Girl0:3:0
16. A Poor Man with a Pass0:1:0
23. Paid Nurse Wilson as P BillNo. 440:11:9
Paid at St. Thomas' Day for Mary Husbands0:3:6
Paid for keeping, Richd. Roberts< no role > to the 19th. Instt. at
Paddington Work house0:10:11
May. 2. Paid for Necessary's for the Poor45.1:12:8½
Paid for James Smith< no role > to Flanders as P Receipt1:1:0

Several Expences.-

May. 15. Paid at the Visitation0:12:4
18. Spent with the Overseers0:2:3
Paid for Mauduitts being sworn at the Commons0:4:6
23. Spent at trying the Engines0:14:6
July. 5. Paid Mr. Barber the Ballance of his Account0:2:0
24. 31. Spent with the Ch. Warden's of Allhallows 1s. Warrt. for ye Poors Rate6s.6d0:7:6
Octor. 11. Spent receg Mr. Croswick's Ground Rent 2s. Pd Mr. Harrison's Quitt Rent Etc (46) 4s. 80:6:8
Novr. 10. Spent with the Tenant at Collier Row0:1:0
Paid at the Visitation at Bow0:8:6
Spent at the Same time0.1:0
Decr. 29. Spent with the Collectors0:5:6
Paid for the Form's of Prayer for the Fast Day0:2:0
Carried over£3:07:9

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