St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Casual Poor Brought over £8:5:5½

July, 14. Gave Eleanor Brown< no role > 0:1:0
Gave Johnson to pay his Rent P Consent of ye. Overseers1:2:6
23. Gave a Soldier with a Pass0:1:0
Paid Nurse Wilson for ointments for Adams0:1:0
25. Gave Mrs. Stallard by Consent of the Overseers0:3:0
Spent with the Overseers0:12:9
26. Gave Walters0:5:0
28. Gave to buy Necessary's for Croslands Child0:5:0
Gave Mary Hollywell< no role > 0:1:0
August 8. Spent at making the Poor Rate as P BillNo. 372:8:0
15. Gave James Husbands< no role > 0:1:0
Gave Mr. Walters when his Wife lay Dead1:1:0
25. Gave Johnson when his Wife lay Dead1:1:0
Paid Mrs. Poole on Contraction of Marriage1:10.0
27. Paid Mr. Delicourt on the Day of Marriage1:13:0
Spent at the Wedding Bann's & Certificate0:7:0
paid for 2 Shifts, an Apran & Handkerchief for Rust0:8:0
a Pair of Shoes for Redmans Child0:1:6
Getting James Husbands into the Hospital0:5:4½
Septr. 4. Paid Nurse Wilson for ointment for Adams0:1:0
12. Paid for a Summons from St. Thomas's Hospital 0:1:6
13. Paid for Cloathing, James Husband when in ye. Hospital1:10:0
Spent going to the Hospital & buying the Cloaths0:1:6
Gave A Sailor with a Pass0:1:0
15. Gave Eliza Whitear< no role > & her 3 Children0:5:0
17. Paid for Searching Penterers Compay. Books & Guildhall 0:3:6
Spent with the Clk of the said Compay going to & again0:1:6
Gave a poor Woman0:1:0
18. Spent with Mr. Tirrell going to Islington & else where to
Enquire after Whitear

19. A Pair of Shoes for Grey's Girl0:2:0
Spent with the Overseers & Mr. Bignal about Mr. Whitear0:14:6
20. Do. with Mr. North0:2:0
paid Mr. Bignall P Consent for Attendance0:5:0
Carried over£23:6:30

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