St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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1738. Octor. 24 Paid Mr. Hart half a Year to Michas last£15:0:0
1739. April 24 Paid DoDoto Laday last15:0:0
May. 21. Paid Mr. Harris Orgain Builder8:0:0

Yearly Bills

1738. May 16 Paid Mrs. Hussey as P BillNo. (12.)2:8:0
July. 13 paid Mr. Holloway as P Do(13.)1:1:0
Augt. 2. Paid Mrs. Hussey for a Surplice(14.)2:10:0
Septr. 14 Paid Mr. Bignall as P Bill(15)3:0:0
Novr. 15. Paid Mr. Geary (Paviour)as P Do(16)0:5:0

Decr. 9. Paid Messrs. Horne & Chapman for Work done at Mr. Harrison's
House as P Agreement(17.)

Paid Mr. Chapman for work at Do(18.)5:8:0
Paid Mr. Horn for Work at Do.(19.)4:3:0
22 Paid for Surveying the Same(20)2:2:0
1739. March 28 Paid Mr. Scullard as P Bill(21.)0:12:0
April 9. Paid Mr. Andrew's as P Do.(22)8:7:0
May. 1 Paid Mr. Chapman as P Do(23.)4:0:0
Paid Mr. Hawkins as P Do(24.)4:19:0
Paid Mr. Hunter as P Do(25)14:3:0
Paid Mr. Ball for Work done at Harrisons(26)2:5:6
Paid Mr. Ball for Work as P Bill(27.)2:10:6
Paid Mr. Abbott as P Do(28.)4:1:6
Paid Mr. Wood as P Do(29.)1:7:6
Paid Mr. Barney as P Do(30.)4:10:0
4 Paid Mr. Tirrell as P Do(31.)5:1:6
24 Paid Mr. Easton as P Do(32.)0:2:0
June 27. Paid Mr. West as P Do(33.)3:3:0
29. Paid Mr. Morris as P Do(34.)4:4:0
paid Mr. Horne as P Do(35.)0:8:6


1738 May 29. Restoration of King Charles1:0:0
June. 11. King Georges Accession1:0:0
Octor. 11 Kings Georges Coronation1:0:0
Carried over£3:0:0

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