St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Mrs: Woods Bills brot. over £7..7..1
1732. Septr: 20. Paid Mrs: Wood for Cloths for Sarah Edmonds< no role > as P BIll No.(10) -..12..3½
26. Paid the Burial Charges of Isaac Black< no role > of as P Bill(11) -..3..-
29. Paid Mrs: Wood as P Bill(12.) 4..4..-
Octor. 26. Paid Mrs: Wood the Burial Charges of Thos. Dossett< no role > as P BIll (13) -..15..-
28. Paid Mrs: Wood for Cloths for Mrs: Howland(14) -..15..-
Decr. 27. Paid Mrs. Wood as P Bill(15) 6..2..7
March 14 Paid Mrs: Wood the Burial Charges of Phabe
Lamb as P Bill(16)}-..15..-
24. Paid Mrs. Wood as P Bill(17.) 3..16..2
1733. April 23. Paid Mrs.. Wood the Burial Charges of John Wilson< no role > a:-
Bastard Child(18)}-..7..-
1732. June. 24 Paid Mrs. Wood as P Bill(19) 3..15:1½
1733. April 27. Paid Mrs. Wood the Burial Charges of Jane Hopper< no role > .(20) 1..-..-

Sundry Expences-
1732 May 9. Paid at St. Mary Le Bons£-..12..4
Spent going to the Temple with Mr. Andrews
about Mr. Naslis Affair}-..3..1
23.25. Paid for mending and trying the Engine-..14..-
31. Paid Mr. Wood and the Bearers for setting the Vault
to rights and carrying away the Rubbish
June. 5. Paid the Pavior at the Mitre Tavern and Putting an
Iron Box into the Wooden Pipe}-..5..-
Paid Mr. Bodden for the Poors Warrant-..6..6
Spent with the Collectors-..2..-
July 22. Spent with the Overseers at the Mitre Making the
Poors Rate}-..17..-
Spent at the Mitre at putting out John Tyler< no role > Apprentice -..4..-
Spent with the Master of the Workhouse -..2..-
Gave the Steward of the Workhouse -..2..6
Augt. 4. Spent finding out the Mother of Joseph Mallett< no role > -
Bastard Child and going before Sir Wm: Billers< no role > }1..2..4
Gave four Women for their Information-..10..-
8. Paid Mr. Boddens for 16 Sacbs of Coals1..7..8
Paid the Men attending ye: Engine at ye: Fire in Pauls Court 1..9..-
Paid for carrying William Rust< no role > his Coals-..1..-
Pd. the Men for Playing ye: Engine at Mrs.. Wisemans -..3..6
Septr 19
22}Expended with the Overseers at several times & going
before the Lord Mayor about Henry Johnson< no role > }1..1..6
Carried over £10..11..11

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