St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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1730 Yearly Gifts said
May7. Cash pair Sir Robert Clark< no role > 's Gift£2..-..-
DoMr. Wareham's Gift-..7..6
DoMargaret Dean's Gift-..3..4
Decem: 21. Cash paid Sir Thomas Abdy's Gift's7..10..-
26. Cash paid Dr. Tysons Gift1..10..-
March. 9. Cash paid the poor a Fine for Mrs. Hermes burying in Linnen2..10..-
1731. April 15. Cash paid the Lady Harvey's Gift6..-..-
Do. paid Mrs. Roger Tindals< no role > 2..11..-
Cash Distributed among then poor on St. Thomas's Day2..10..-
Mrs. Smith & Mrs: Godwins
1730. May. 2d: Cash paid Mrs. Smith burying Charged of John Dionis< no role > as p Bill-..5..6
20. Cash paid Do. as p Bill2..13..-
June. 9th: Cash paid Do. burying Charges of Repentance Hedges< no role > This name instance is in set 862. -..17..6
Cash paid Do. for John Dionis as p Bill1..17..6
27. Cash paid Do. her Quarterage Bill 3..9..-
Cash paid Do. burying Charged of Edith Spriggs< no role > -..19..-
July. 10. Cash paid Do. Charged getting Southgates Girl into the Hospital
and Cloaths necessary} -..18..6
Octob: 7. Cash paid Mrs. Smith his Marteraged Bill8..9..-
9 Cash paid Mrs. Godwin an p Bill1..1..2
Cash paid Do. as p Bill-..8..1½
14. Cash paid Do. burying Charges of Bridgett Brock< no role > -..18..-
30. Cash paid Do. for Necessary's for Ann Dionis< no role > -..7..6
Decem. 19. Cash paid Do. for burying Charges of James Tayler< no role > -..14..6
29. Cash paid Do. as p Bill4..2..2
Jan: 27. Cash paid Do. for Necessary's for Phebe Lamb< no role > and Jane Howland< no role >
as P Bill} -..13..2
Feb: 24. Cash paid Do. Charges getting Eliza: Wilson< no role > into Bartholomew
Hospital and necessary's for John Dionis< no role >
1731. March. 29. Cash paid Do. as P Bill3..1..-
April.13. Cash paid Do. for Necessary's for John Dionis-..11..6

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