St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1729 - 1762

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Several Exp [..]
1730 May. 6. Cash paid at the Visitation at St. Mary le Born -..11..4
13. Cash paid Mr. Boddings the Beedle for the overseers warrant -..6..6
June. 5 Cash paid the Watchmen for getting out the fire Ingine-..2..6
July. 2 Spent with the overseers when Settled the poors Rate-..13..6
21. Gave the Watchmen to be carefull in the Right-..3..-
29. Spent with the Collectors-..8..6
Augt. 23. Spent with the Collectors-..11..-
Septr. 8. Spent with the Overseers on a meeting upon several of Fairs-..16..-
octobr. 1st. Charges in Examining the Leased of Mr. Saunders and Mr. Cass -..10..6
4 Charged at ware Enquiring after Mr. Yates & Mr. Mitchell
for Rent due} -..10..-
9 Spent when Signed Mr. Cass Leases-..7..6
15. Cash paid for a Tunn of [..] rotch CoalesNo (4) -..19..-
Cash paid for [..] Candlesticks for Prayers-..4..6
31 Cash paid Mr. Field for cutting the keepers and [..] Line Tree
in the Church Yard(5)} -..7..-
Spent with the overseers-..4..-
Nov. 11. cash paid Mrs. Hussy for Ells of Holland for a New Surplies
at 5s. P Ell(6)
Cash paid Mrs. Hussy for knotts on ascencon Day1..19..-
12 Cash paid Mrs. Whisting for making a new Surplice(7) -..12..-
paid at the Citation to St. Mary Le Bow -..12..10
15. Cash paid Mr. Marriner for a new Leidger covered & Clasps (8) 1..11..-
20. Spent with the Collectors and overseers-..4:6
26. Paid Mr. Hickman for one Years Quitt Rent due at Michas
last for the House in philp off Lane} -..3..8
Octr. 4 Charges when Signed Mr. Saunders Leafe for 21 Years from
Michaelmas 1729} -:9:6
17. Spent with Mr. Barber when he paid his Fine time for ward
Offices} -..3..-
21. Spent when Distributed Sir Thomas Abdys on St. Thomas
Day} -..7..6
26. Spent with the Overseers on St. Stephens's Day-..4..-
paid for the use of Casks for Water when cleaned the Church -..4..-
Carried over 15..15..10

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