St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1721 - 1728

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Disbursemt. brought Over91.16 10

Expended goeing to See the Children att Ham and
Giving the Nurse
Sept 8 For a Coffin and Shroud for Newborroughs Child00.. [..] 2 6
Paid Harry Fox< no role > playing the Engine Book00..17 0
8th. Paid Joseph Lucas< no role > the Turn Cock Book00..10..0
Expended on Gettting Elizabeth Cullum< no role > that was bigg
with Child out of this Parish} 00 5 6
Sep. 9 Paid Mary Fox< no role > Receit on File1 14 6
Octr 20 Paid for Ringing on the Kings Crounation day0 10 =
Grace a Poor Woman that came with a Pass with
2 Children} 0..1: =
Nov. 3d. Paid Mary Fox< no role > Bill Receite in Book3..15:0
Paid when Mrs. Wilkins came to putt her Self
and Children on the Parish} 0 4 8
Expended on ye Gentlemen about the Organ0..1..6
Paid the Overseers of Saint Giles Cripplegate 8:0..0
Decr Paid for Ringing on the 5 of November0.10..0
Paid at Saint Mary Le Bow Visitacon0 7 4
4 Expended on the Collectors0 17 6
Expended At a Vestry for Ward Officers3 3 0
Releiving Edward Brown< no role > and his Family
when passed to the Parish} 0 4 0
Gave Edward Brown< no role > and his Family to Go
down to Reading} 0 12 0
Gave Thomas Narwood< no role > when came to Town
with his Family} 0.4.6
Disbursments Carryed forward116.7 4

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