St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1721 - 1728

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Money paid on Accot: of the Parish for
St: Dyonis Backchurch May: 1st: 1725

May: 1st: At the Signing of my Bond-5-
12 For takeing the Oath at Bow & other Charges2-17-2
paid Mr: Ingram for points at Procession day1-7-0
Paid Mr. Henry Enstall< no role > for Asscention day10-17-0
For Ringing those 2 days1--
For Wanns on Assentionday-5 -0
Spent at Assessing the Poor's Rate-5-
paid for John Davisons< no role > Schooling-5-
Paid for Work done in the Church1-10-
a Summons for Repentance Hedges< no role > This name instance is in set 862. -9-3
paid the Conve & Lights to Lady day: 1721-1-
paid for the Poor's Warrt: & Book-6-
pd Elenor Walker< no role > for Charges to Carry her to the Hospitall0-4-6
To the Kingers0-10-0
For repairing the Large Engine2-8-
paid two Bills for the Workhouse for keeping Francis Dyonisas< no role > in
the Receipt Book
Charges to Waltham Cross 0-13-6
Spent when Received the Collectors Money0-11-10
paid for repairing the Great Bell1-15-
Expended at severall times & on Severall Etc Stairs of the parish0-16-5
Charges on Qctol: of Sarah Lane< no role > 0-4-6
Laidout on Geary's Attot0-3-0
Laid out on Accot: of Norwood & given him0-8-6
Given to Gear ys Wife at time0-5-6
Expences on Sarah Lanes Accot:1-6-6
Given to Sir Thomas Abneys< no role > Clerk & Charges0-7-6
For Ringing the Bells &0-10-0
Carrying Gearys wife with a pass0-1-6
for repairing the Saints Bell0-5-6
For ringing those two days1 --
paid Cripplegate Church warden for One year & Rect8 --
Charges on Sevll: Meetings for Indres & Signing the Bonds of Howland1-2-6

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