St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1721 - 1728

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The Parish of Saint Diomish Bash Church is Creditor
for Boerall Sunio Received by paul Mariville< no role > Laroze Church Warden for
Rents Fined Poors Rates and others etc Incombs at Follows according to the
receip to given

June 14 Received of Mr. James Newton< no role > the Church Warden the Ballance of his Amount2-17-7
Septr. 30 Reced of Mr Samuel Porter< no role > for half a Years Rent due at Lady day for Lands
He Holds's the Parish of Collier Row
Octobr. 28. Reced of Mr. Aaron Cash< no role > Four Pound's Five Shillings in Money and
Fifteen Shillings for Taxed allowed in all five pounds for half a Years
Rent to Michaelmas last for Lands He holds at Ware} 4-5-0
Novr 24 Reced of Gabriel Wiskins< no role > Clark for 16 Burialle from 25th May last to
7th. Novr. last as & Receipt} 11-10-4
Decr. 24 Reced of Mr. Thomas Brown< no role > for his Year of the Iron mongers Company
Paymt. He hath Omitted to putt in his Accounts Reced by Kempton} 0-3-4
Do. Reced of Mr. Harris for the House of Sir Robert Is< no role > Fenes Fifteen
pounds & Six Shillings in Money and Fifty Four Shillings allowed
for Taxed In all Eighteen pounds for half a Year due at Michos last} 15-6-0
26 Received of the Carpenters Compa. by Gabriel Winkins< no role > Clerk for which he
hath Givento Midsummer last 1720} 0-7-6
Feb:11 Reced of Mr. John Hamam< no role > one of the Exs. to Sri Thomas Rawlinson< no role >
for the liberty of Setting up a Monument in the Church for the said Sir
Thomas Rawlinson< no role > } 20-0-0
23. Reced of Mr. Joseph Tanner< no role > for the Gift of Mr. Elizabeth Houghton< no role > 0-10-0
March 16 Reced of Mrs. Page & Compa for a Fine for Burying the Lady Ann Thabis< no role >
in Belvett as & Act of Parliament} 2-10-0
29 Reced of Mr Samuel Parker< no role > for half a years Rent due at Michmad
last for Lands He holds of the Parish} 4-0-0
April 5. Reced of Mr. Harris for the House of Sir Robert Jeffery< no role > Fifteen
Pounds & Sir Shillings in Money & Fifty Four Shillings allowed for Taxes
In all Eighteen pounds due at Lady Last Past for half a Year} 15-6-0
13 Reced of the Armoures Company by Gabriel Wiskind Fifty one Shill
in Money a Shilling Allowed} 2-11-0
19 Reced of Gabriel Wiskins< no role > Clerk 3:9:11 being the 2/3ds. of Lent Sermond3-9-11
19 Reced of the Ironmongers Compa three Shillings and Four Pence by Wm
< no role > Beadle to X mas Last} 0-3-4

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