St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1689 - 1720

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Brought over from the other Side154 14 07
Decmr 16 Spent att the Miter att ye receiveing of Fines as p receipt02 0810
17 pd. Wm. Rutter< no role > in full for Whitening the Church as p receipt20 05 00
19 Spent att the Miter att the receiveing of Fine Barkers Fine Mr. Richardson Mr. Cooke
Mr Stayuard Etc prsent & att the of Fee House
00.09 00
Decemr: 2 pd Alderman Abdys Gift as p Vestry Booke07.10.00
21 Gave to Mrs. Harbert p Order of Ditto Vestry Booke00.10.00
22 Gave to One p Recomended p Mr. James Smith< no role > 00 10 06
22 pd Mr. Arkeston for Painting & Gilding the Church as p receipt09 02 06
23 pd. Nurse Fairecloth< no role > for 11 Childrens Nurseing as p receipt19 00 00
24 pd. Nurse Nasby< no role > & Marshall 1.17s. & 1.13s. for 2 Hamonds03-10:00
24 pd Nurse Nipsly for Copeing Nurseing01.15 09
Spent on Severall Occasions in the Parish Business00.02 06
29 paid Nurse Beard for 4 Childrens Nursing as p receipt05.05.00
29 pd Widdow Kendall Pencon 1.12s.6d & Gave her Daughter for Nursing her01-17.06
30 pd Widdow Harris 23s. & Widdow Wagstaffe 32s:6d both are02:15.06
30 pd. Widdow Johnson 45s.6d & Widdo Smith 32s:6d In all is03:18.00
30. pd Goodman Court 13s. & Good ij Martin 32s:6d. In all is02 05.06
31 Allowed Benj: Patman for Taxes & Spent 4d. In all00:17.11
Jan: 6 pd Nurse Beard for Carring downe 14 dayes Nurseing & Buriall Charges of
another Mosses Dennis} 00.18.00
6. Spent on the Parish Businesse att Severall times00.02 06
Gave to a poore Man00.02 00
9 pd. Robt. Lathwell< no role > for Mending the Bucketts 02.06.00
Spent on Severall Occasions in the Parish Businesse00 02 02
16 Spent att the Miter wth the Armorers Company00 12.06
Allowed Widdow Wilford for Taxes Spent 2d. Inall01.09.08
16 Gave In Martha for Discovering & fee peing the Mother of Eliz: Dennis< no role > & I gave
the sd. Mother being poore Inall}00.19.00
17. pd Mr. Whinyard his Quarteridge01-00 00
23 pd Mr. Fung In full for Glaseing the Church as p receipt13-05 00
23 pd Mr. Quarterman in full for Church Worke as p Ditto01-17-00
24 paid Mr. Kelm: Smith Legacy to Mrs. Harbert Brown< no role > Parr Whickin & Tisdal 20s Each 05.00 00
24 pd Spent att Distribucon of Ditto Legacy00:04 00
25. pd Mr. Gibson My Lord< no role > Major Attorney for Advice in Mrs. Lan [..] stace 5s. &
Spent on that Occasion 22d.}00.06. [..]
26 Spent att the Foffee House & Miter wth. the Wardens of St. Peter when went
before my Ld. Major p whose Warren was sent for Maintenance to us} 00.02.06
28 pd. Mr. Martin his Bill for Disbursmts. & Quarteridges as p receipt05.16.10
31 pd Mr. Goodlad his Bill for the Parish as p receipt00 07.10
Feb 3 pd for a Petticoat & Lineing for Mrs. Lane & for Good is Beards comeing &
Carrying her Downe} 00.19.06

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