St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1689 - 1720

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1690 Brought over102:07:06
Paid Board for Nurseing two Children to Michal No. 19003:10:08
Oct 10 Pd Nurse Naseby< no role > for Nurseing Ja [..] Coppings No. 20001:17:06
12 Pd wido waystaffe 7 weekes Pencon att 4th007:08:00
23 Spent att ye mitre with ye Collectors for the Poore No. 21000:14:00
30 Gave A Poore woman the Distresse000:00:06
Dec 11 Pd mr Stephen Slade< no role > Collr . as the Fine att St Goorges No. 22007:03:00
Pd mr Smith the King & Queenes Reid and for A Lie No.23000:04:02
16 Spent att the mitre after A Vestry No. 240001:15:00
Janry 2d Spent att the mitre when mr Jno Blackall Paid his Fine No. 25001:01:00
3d Paid to widdows wagstaffe at Eliabeth weekes Pencon at 4s p weeks002:04:00
Allowed mr Battman for [..] Appeares by his Receipt001:11:08
Paid Nurse Fair & Cloth to Christmas last No.26013:00:04
Paid Robt wynn< no role > the Guilft of A [..] or more Abayas appeares p
[..] by Barke}005:00:00
Distributed to the Poore being the Guift of Alderman Abdy002:10:00
Distributed 50s being for madanies Woods being buried in Linnen002:10:00
Paid to Severall Poore of our owne Parrish out of the Sarrious
money as p his vestry Booke}002:10:00
Pd to Cripplegate Poore as p Receipt No. 27006:02:00
Pd Goodman Beare for Nurseing 2 Children to his [..] 004:07:10
10 Pd Nurse Marshall for Nurseing Children to his [..] No. 29001:13:00
Pd. Nurse Ipsley< no role > for [..] Children to [..] last No. 30001:15:04
Pd Wido. Johnson her qrly Pencon to Xmas001:12:06
Pd Wido Rendall her qrly Pencon001:12:06
Pd Wido Smith her qrly Pencon001:12:06
Pd Wido Harris her qrly Pencon and went001:04:00
Pd Goodman Court his Quarterly Pencons to Xmas000:13:00
Pd Nurse Naseby< no role > for Nurseing John Coppings No. 31001:17:06
15 Spent att the Mitre Taver me with the Armorers
Company No.32}000:11:00
Paid my Lord< no role > Mayor Officer for Paveing the Church
Poore for Two Spunnous
19 Paid Wido Harris for Looking to Goody Johnson when
Shee was sick No:33}000:02:00
21 Paid into the Chamber of London for the Poore of the Out
Parrishes No. 34} 006:07:06
Paid the Poore of our owne Parishers is the prsonn of
Mr Cooke No.35}005:17:01
Gave A Poore Seamans Wife000:01:06
23 Spent upon the Collectors of the Poore as p Bill No. 36001:02:09
Pd Mr George Fuller< no role > for 3 qrs Sallary and making
A Lease paid other [..] No. 37005:07:06
26 Paid Thomas Martin< no role > [..] P Bill No. 37 to Christmas of006:08:03
Paid Mr Bricklayer for mending mr Gattfords house No. 38002:06:00
Paid Goody Harris for Looking after Goody Johnson
three weekes No. 39} 000:06:00

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