St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1689 - 1720

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Brought Over 101 07 01
Oct 20th Gave Georgeman mr Batensby sent by mr Gatfords00:03 00
26 Paid Colleccons for the poore of ye Parrish of Criplegate at06:00:00
Novr 5th: Paid mr Tillott for a Prayer for ye day00:01:00
Paid ye Ringers the Lord Mayors Day00:10:00
Paid ye Ringers the Kings Birth day00:10:00
Paid the Ringers the 5th Novr00:10:00
Spent goeing to Rumford gitting 5 of Pyte and house him mr Philipps wth< no role >
mee}00:08 00
Allowed him Kings Tages00:02 10
Oct 3d. Allowed To Robert Jeffery< no role > 96d. for ye Subsidue & and old Arrear
formerly due 2d in all}01:18 00
Paid in Manning for worke done in mr Ferris his yeare 00:05:06
Spent with ye Committee appointed by Reffry to keat with
Madam Rawftomes< no role > about ye North Lights att to Lewall meeting
about 13 prsent
03:04 07
19 Spent att Receiving the money that was paid in Consideracon of
North Lights} 01:02 06
Decr. 3d Paid att as Meeting att ye Myter prsent mr Deputy mr Wallnifeds
mr Blackhall mr Phillipps mr Bentall mr Ferris< no role > and my
Partner upon Parish of Business} 00:09 06
11th Spent after A Vestry01:16 10
12 Paid mr Rawlinson due in mr Vandenankers yeare< no role > 03:00:00
13 Spent att the Myter upon those yt paid their Fines01:06 06
14 Paid mr Deputy Woods a yeare and a halfe Interests
due att Octr last} 07:10 00
15 Paid mr Nevitt P ordd of Vestry a Debt due in mr
Ye and enankers yeare as P Bill} 05:00 00
18th Paid mr Ankers as P Bill00:09 00
21 Paid as P Vestry Booke ye Guift of To Tho: Abdy0710:10
Ditto Distributed ye 10 as To Henry Tulfes< no role > gave to ye Poore10:00:00
Ditto Gave Mary Coppin by desire of ye psons prsent00:05 00
Paid Nurse Naseby< no role > for Coppins Child01:17 06
22d Spent with mr Phillipps mr Ferris Mr Higgins and others
in pyh businesse} 00:05 00
Ditto Paid Nurse Crew for a 9th for Jno: Jones left in ye fifth01:13 00
31 Gave Ellenor Wilson by desire of mr Layfield< no role > 00:10 00
217:14:40 217 14 10
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