Carpenters' Company:
Minute Books of Courts and Committees

3rd October 1699 - 5th September 1710

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Image 245 of 2528th August 1710

Tuesday ye: 8th: August 1710

Att a Court of Assistants then held being
Election day.

Prsent Mr: Thomas Lockwood< no role > Mastr .

Mr. Abraham Arlidge< no role >
Mr. Timothy Hows< no role >
Mr. Thomas Bowcher< no role >

Mr. Warren
Mr. Faltrop
Mr. Rainsford
Mr. Norman.
Mr. Freeman

Mr. Caulcott
Mr. Jorden
Mr. Dennet
Mr. Andrews
Mr. Faulkner

Mr. Rickward
Mr. Bridon
Mr. Groves
Mr. Chamberlen
Mr. Moore.

Mr. Brittain
and most of
the Livery

Fines for Coming
on ye. Cloathing reced

of Mr. Grosswell for his 3d: Year: fine for
comeing on ye. Cloathing}£0-5s-0d

of Mr. Horton Ditto£0-5s-0d
of Mr. Norman Junr.£0-5s-0d
of Mr. James for his 2d. Year: Coming on ye. Cloathg - £0-10s-0d
of Mr Buckland Do£0-10s-0d
of Mr. Bigg£0-10s-0d
of Mr. Meard£0-10s-0d
of Mr. Burgin for his first Yr. Coming on ye.Cloathg -.£1-00-0
of Mrs Smith Do£1-00s-0d
of Mr. Littlefield Do£1-00s-0d
of Mr Cook Do£1-00s-0d

Note: Mr. Denne & Michelson are in Arrear.
for ye. Same £1:15s: apeice.
Michelson has pd. vide P [..]

about regulating the
Court of Assistants
to a certain Number

Whereas the Court of Assistants having Considerd
the Inconvenience of a large Court of Assistants It
is now Ordered by Said Court for the Future. That
whosoever Fines for Renter Warden Shall not be
admitted to Ye. Court of Assistants untill the Present
Number be reduced to Twenty by Death or Otherwise
And all Person that Serve Renter Warden Shall
be admitted [..] ye. Court of Assistants of Cours.

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