Carpenters' Company:
Minute Books of Courts and Committees

3rd October 1699 - 5th September 1710

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Tayler to Hedges

Henry Tayler< no role > Sonne of John Tayler< no role > of Chisleton in the County [..]
Farmer bound to Edward Hedges< no role > for 7 yeares

Ford to Jordan

John Ford< no role > Sonne of John Ford< no role > late of London Joyner decd bound
to Abraham Jordan< no role > for 7 yeares

Hes to Slegg

Wm Hes< no role > Sonne of Wm Hes< no role > late of London Stockmaker decd
bound to John Slegg< no role > for 7 yeares

Butcher to Wilks

John Butcher< no role > Sonne of John Butcher< no role > of Aston in the County of
Suffolke Husband man bound to Wm Wiliks< no role > for 7 yrs.

Higgs to Bonfield

John Higgs< no role > Sonne of John Higgs< no role > late of London Cheesemonger
decd Bound to Wm Bonfield< no role > for 7 yrs

Mr Knapp to give Security Such as Shalbe Approved of
by Mr Warren and Mr Foltrop in the Penalty of [..] 200

Ordred that the Warden do pay the Wid Roydon 10

The 3d of January 1709 being Court day

Present Mr. Tho Lockwood< no role > Master

Mr Abraham Arlidge< no role >
Mr. Timothy Hows< no role >
Mr. Tho Boucher< no role >

Mr. John Warren< no role >
Mr. John Green< no role >
Mr. Richd. Norman< no role >
Mr. Edward Rainsford< no role >
Mr. John Faltrop< no role > .
Mr. John Freeman< no role >

Mr. John Moore< no role >
Mr Saml. Groves< no role >
Mr. John Chamberlain< no role >
Mr. John Bridon< no role >
Mr. Jeremy Bowers< no role >
Mr. Abraham Jourden< no role >

Mr. Robert Caulcott< no role >
Mr. John Brittain< no role >
Mr. Thos. Dennett< no role >
Mr. Robt. Andrews< no role >
Mr. Geo: Faulkner< no role >
Mr. Saml. Rickward< no role >

the Clk elected
to give Security

Ordred that Mr Knapp Clerke of the Company of Carpenters
doe Enter into One bond. with [..] Penall Sume of 200
to Mr Warren and Mr Foltrop Mr. Norman & Mr Greene to give an Account of all
Money Goods Bookes and Writeings as Shalbe long to the
said Company when thereunto required [..] shall appear
to be in the hands and Custody of the said Mr Knapp
Memorand this day Mr Knapp was Disfranchized from this Company by Scratching out his Name in the Compas: Bookes according to the
the Clerk Sworne Order of Court from this Company and afterward Sworne
in Clerke of the said Company


of William Hearne< no role > for Quarteridg - 0-4-0
of Cornelious Blackwell< no role > for Quarterage 0-2-0
of Geo: Colson< no role > Do0-4-0

Note this Quarage pd.Psuant to Order of Court
of this day.

of John Jenings< no role > to Xtmas last 1709 Do0-10-
of John Read< no role > to Christmas 1709. pd ye. 10th inst0-10-0

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