Carpenters' Company:
Minute Books of Courts and Committees

3rd October 1699 - 5th September 1710

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Image 115 of 2522nd January 1705


Samuell Purser< no role > Sonne of Nicholas Purser< no role > of Cople in the County of
Bedford Husbandman bound William Willson< no role > for 7 yeares


James Arden< no role > Sonne of James Arden< no role > of Hackney in the County of Middx
Shoemaker bound to Thomas Woods< no role > for 7 yeares


Thomas Ginn< no role > Sonne of William Ginn< no role > of Brangin in the County of Hertford
Miller bound to William Everrard< no role > for 7 yeares and Assignd to
Thomas Lindzy< no role > Citizen and Merchantaylor of London


Samuell Bristoe< no role > Sonne of Thomas Bristoe< no role > late of Keysoe in the
County of Bedford Minister decd bound to Richard Yeo< no role > for 7 yeares


Edward GaulterM < no role > Sonne of Samll Gaulter< no role > of St Margaretts Westmr Glover
bound to William Bowmaker< no role > for 7 yeares

Court day ye 2d January 1704 .

PresentMr. Foltrop Mar.

Mr. Norman
Mr. Freeman
Mr. Jordan

Mr. Younge
Mr. Horton
Mr. Warren
Mr. Callcutt

Mr. Arlidge.
Mr. Green
Mr. Rawlins.

Of Edward Harrison< no role > for Q0 06 8
Of James Harris< no role > for Q0 04 0.


Consented that John James< no role > the Apprentize of James
< no role > be turned over to Joseph Huddleston< no role >
Merchantayler .

Of Tho: Smith< no role > for Q0:08:0
Of Peter Warren< no role > for Q0 02 0


Consented That Tho: Bradley< no role > be turned over to
Abraham Jordan< no role > , he was bound to Nathaniell
< no role > and turned over to Capt. Knapp. decd


Ordered That Mary Reynolds< no role > be entred A Pentioner
when A Vacancy.

To ye. Poor

Ordered That Twenty Pounds be distributed
amonge the poore. Mr. Horton & Mr. Freeman & Mr. Calcutt the
East Walke Mr. Chitty & the Rentr. Warden the South Walke
Mr. Warren, Warden Norman & Mr. Arlidge for the West

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