Carpenters' Company:
Minute Books of Courts and Committees

3rd October 1699 - 5th September 1710

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Image 70 of 2523rd February 1703

Of Charles Howard< no role > for Q0 08s 00d


Consented that Rd. Randall< no role > the Apprentize of Samuel
< no role > be turned over to Henry Green< no role > Carpenter
of Mr. Samuel Boughton< no role > for Q0 02 0
Of Henry Green< no role > for Q0 16 0

Norton Falgate
Front houses

Ordered That the Companyes houses fronting Norton Falgate
be forthwith Built in Such maner as the Court Shall agree
and direct

Ground in
Ally viewd

Ordered that the Wardens Mr. Warden and Mr. Horton
take A View of the ground in Chimney Alley and
drawe A Scheame thereof

also a house
in Bishopsgate

The Same Comitted to View Mr. Aldworths house
in Bishopsgate Street


Thomas Johnson< no role > Sonne of William Johnson< no role > late of the Pish of St. Paul
Covent Garden in the County of Middx Taylor decd bound to Thomas Gray< no role > for 7 yeares


James Newbury< no role > Sonne of James Newbury< no role > of Ranston in the County Leces [..]
Labourer bound to John Goodman< no role > for 8 yeares


William Castle< no role > Sonne of William Castle< no role > late of the Pish of Stepney in the
County of Middx Carpenter decd bound to Thomas Carterson< no role > for 7 yeares


Arther Meeredith< no role > Sonne of Samuel Merredith< no role > of the Pish of Mortlack in
the County of Surrey Waterman bound to Samuel Merrideth< no role > for 7 yeares


m John Provost< no role > Sonne of Jerrat Provost< no role > late of the Pish of St. James Westmr
Limptner decd bound to Wm Everrard< no role > for 7 yeares and Assignd. to
Thomas Stiles< no role > Citizen and Leatherseller of London


Mathew Arnold< no role > Sonne of Thomas Arnold< no role > of Westham in the County of
Essex Carpenter bound to Henry Sell for 7 yeares


Ordered That Elizabeth Barnwell< no role > be admitted A Pentioner
when A Vacancy.

The 3d Feb: 1702
Present Warden Calcutt


Joseph Dell< no role > Sonne of Richard Dell< no role > of Hechem in
the County of Bucks Farmer bound to Nicholas
< no role > for 7 yeares.
Of Nicholas Bartlett< no role > for Q0:2:0

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