Carpenters' Company:
Minute Books of Courts and Committees

2nd March 1686 - 2nd June 1741

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Image 70 of 2856th January 1736

Ordered that he Cl do prepare a Lease Draft of a Lease
to lay before the next Court of the houses the Hall gate
for between the Comp & Mr. James Fordham< no role > for the
at & under the yearly Rent of 14. P ann payable
Qrterly for the to Comence after he expiracon of the
present Lease of the sd. house for the Whole Tenn he has to Come
& in his Lease of the Hall

To write Lre to Mr. James to being the Plour of the
new Buildings that are to be in Londn well next Courtday

Court Day Janry 6th. 1735

John Meard< no role > Esqr . Mar

Samuel Burgin< no role >
Benj Barlow< no role >
Nathl. Benbridge< no role >

John Moore< no role > Thos. Willmor< no role > John James< no role > Major Osgood
Thos. Bowcher< no role > Edwd. Bowcher< no role > James Brittan< no role > Col Williams
Saml. Boughton< no role > Mathew Deane< no role > John Prater< no role > Thos. Haddon< no role >
Thos. Boddell< no role > Richd. Norman< no role > Joseph Chitty< no role > Nathl. Ward< no role >

Minutes for the Master

Clerk & Beadle Chosen

10. present to the Clerk

Order for the poors Rate for the Cl & Beadles houses to be paid

Rent day 15th. Instant

[..] to Appoint a day to pay 50. to the poor being the Xmas Gift

To Read the Court of Aldermens Order and

To Appoint a day to Attend them

Ordered to be

The Pavement to be Mended in Londn. will
the [..] Inquest called on the Cl & desired it wright be done

To Make an order for that the Mar. for the time being
may give the Cl order to Lre any Tenemt for
Arrears of Rent

To Read Drift of Mr. Fordhams Lease

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