Carpenters' Company:
Minute Books of Courts and Committees

9th August 1737 - 5th April 1757

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Image 292 of 4765th July 1748

Court day July the 5th. 1748 Continued



John Webb< no role > son of Robert Webb< no role > Citizen and Carpenter of London bound to his said Father for
Seven Years was by Testimony of his said Father made Free


John Brome< no role > son of Joseph Brome< no role > of the Parish of Saint Alphage
London Wyer Drawer bound to Edward Benson< no role > Citizen and
Carpenter of London and afterwards assigned to James Finch< no role > was
by Testimony of said James Finch< no role > made free .


Samuel Davis< no role > son of Anthony Davis< no role > of Bicester in the County
of Oxford Linnen Draper bound to Thomas Jackson< no role > Citizen &
Carpenter Was now by Testimony of said Thomas Jackson< no role > made Free

At a Court of Assistants held at the
Hall Tuesday the 2d. day of August 1748.

PresentMr. James Stedman< no role > Master
Mr. Sparruck Mr. Boulton Mr. Natt Wardens

Assistants Father Deane Mr. Haddon Mr. Plimpton Mr
John Cordwell< no role > Mr. Moore Mr. Price Mr. Russell Mr. Funge
Mr. Polley Mr. Henry Cordwell< no role > Mr. Radcliffe Mr. Mason Mr. Prater


James Ellis< no role > paid Quarteridge to Midsumer lastŁ0:19s:0d
Anthony Natt< no role > Renter Warden paid Do. to DoŁ2:3s:4d
Isaac Ware< no role > paid Do. to DoŁ0:8s:8d
Richard Ramsey< no role > paid Do. to DoŁ0:0s:4d
John Town< no role > paid Do. to DoŁ0:1s:4d
Charles Durham< no role > paid Do. to DoŁ0:15s:6d
Robert Loadman< no role > paid Do. to DoŁ0:8s:6d
James Webb< no role > paid Do. to DoŁ0:12s:0d
Richard Norris< no role > paid Do. to DoŁ0:9s:4d
John Seagood< no role > paid Do. to DoŁ0:10s:6d
John Read< no role > paid Do. to DoŁ0:8s:0d
Mr. Darvell paid Do. to DoŁ0:6s:0d
Samuel Hawkins< no role > paid Do. to DoŁ0:13s:6d
Ł7:16s 0d

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