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4th May 1731 - 2nd August 1737

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Currently Held: Guildhall Library, London

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Image 274 of 4522nd March 1731

Court day Continued the 2d: of March 1730


Is the Chamber of London oblidged to pay the above bond either in law or Equity

Mr Bunbury's Opinion

After such a length of time the Bond will be presumd to be satisfyed, unlesse there have been
demands made since, or the Obligees can prove paymt, of Interest lately-W: Bunbury Inner
Temple Febr 16th- 1729

Mr Lutwych's Opinion

I am of opinion that If there has been no demand made nor any Interest paid in twenty yeares time
the Bond will be presumed to be satisfyed unless there be some Evidence to take off that prsumpcon
And as this length of time is above four times twenty yeares that there has been an Acquescence
I do not see any probability of SuccessTho: Lutwyche< no role >
Febr 22d: 1730

Att the Hall March the 24th- 1730

PresentMr Joseph Spencer< no role > Master

Mr Edward Bowcher< no role >
Mr Matthew Deane< no role > &
Mr Benjamin Barlow< no role >

Mr Thomas Bowcher< no role > Mr Thomas Dawson< no role > Mr Samuell Boughton< no role > Mr Thomas Boddell< no role >
Mr Thomas Willmor< no role > Assistants

Freeman Serjeant

William Serjeant< no role > Son of John Serjeant< no role > Citizen and Carpenter of London deced was
by patrimony upon the Testimony's of Thomas Cousins< no role > Citizen and Plaisterer of London
& John Man< no role > Citizen and Plaisterer of London made free

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