Carpenters' Company:
Minute Books of Courts and Committees

4th May 1731 - 2nd August 1737

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Currently Held: Guildhall Library, London

LL ref: GLCCMC251050269

Image 269 of 4525th January 1731

Court day Continued January the 5th: 1730

Pre. over-67:15s:0d
Mrs Cox the Smiths Bill1-8-6
Mr Holland the Paviour's Bill0-9-6
John Smith< no role > the nightmans Bill1-11-7
paid the Glasiers Bill2:9:6

Att the Hall January the 15th- 1730


Mr Joseph Spencer< no role > Master

Mr Edward Bowcher< no role >
Mr Matthew Deane< no role >
Mr Benja Barlow< no role >

Mr Thomas Dawson< no role > Mr Samuell Boughton< no role > Mr Thomas Willmor< no role > Assistants

Taylor to Fletcher

Consented That Cornelius Taylor< no role > the late Apprentice of John Randall< no role > Citizen and Carpenter
of London having sued out his Indentures be assigned to Benjamin Fletcher< no role > Citizen
and Cordwainer for the remainder of his Apprenticeshipp

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