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4th May 1731 - 2nd August 1737

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Image 178 of 4525th December 1727

Tuesday December the 5th. 1727

At a Court of Assistants held at the Hall


Mr. Samuel Boughton< no role > Mar.

Mr. Thomas Boddell< no role >
Mr. Thomas Wilmer< no role >
Mr. Thomas Davis< no role >


Mr. Robert Andrews< no role > Mr. John Moore< no role > Mr. Thomas
< no role > Mr. Edward Boucher< no role > Mr. Thos. Dawson< no role >
Mr. James Buckland< no role > Mr. Richd. Graswell< no role > Mr-
Mathew Dean< no role > .

Lawrence Colling< no role > and Richard Price< no role > now Peticoned
this Court to supply the places of Francis Wamley< no role > and
George Franks< no role > deceaced in Mr. Wyatts Hospitall at
Godalmin .


Richard Randall< no role > paid Qrteridge. to Mich 1727 0:0:6
Isaac Pearce< no role > Do0:4:0
William Champion< no role > Do0:1:4

Ordered That the Clerk do Write to Mr. Richardson
Rector of Godalming in Surry that the Company have
made Choice of Richard Price< no role > to supply the Vacancy
in Mr. Wyatts Hospitall by the death of George Franks< no role >
And to Mr. Thos. Bund< no role > Curate of the same acquainting
him 10th. the choice of Lawrence Colling< no role > in the
Room of Francis Varney< no role > .

Harrison to Randall

Edward Harrison< no role > Son of Timothy Harrison< no role > of
Morton in Yorkshire deced bound to Richard
< no role > Citizen and Carpenter of Londn. for seven
years Consideraton Nil

Pratt to Pearce

William Pratt< no role > Son of Wm. Pratt< no role > late of Stepney
Farmer deced bound to Isaac Pearce< no role > Citizen & Carpenter
Consideracon money Nil.

George Hudson< no role > Son of George Hudson< no role > bound to Moses Bigg< no role >
[..] was now by the Consent of his sd. Master assigned
to William Chapman< no role > Citizen & Carpenter for the
Remr. of his Term.

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