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3rd May 1757 - 5th December 1786

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Image 160 of 4691st April 1766

At a Court of Assistants held at Carpenters Hall
on Tuesday the 1st day of April 1766

PresentMr. Wm. Bigg< no role > Master
Mr. Atterbury Warden

Mr FungeMr JuppMr DermerMr Whitcher
Mr PullenMr OliverMr ReadMr Robinson

Edward Synn< no role > paid his Quarteridge to Ladyday.2-15-6
James Parry< no role > paid Do. to Do.0-6-0
John Wilkinson< no role > paid Do. to Do.0-9-0

Walter Cameron< no role > paid a Non Inrollmt0-3-4

Pinches to Oliver

William Pinches< no role > Son of William Pinches< no role > of Whitecross Street Carman bound to
Saunders Oliver< no role > of Cannon Street Mason & also Cit & Carpr . of London Consn. Nil

Lynn to Lynn

Thomas Lynn< no role > bound to Edward Lynn< no role > his Father of Vauxhall in the Parish of
Lambeth Carpenter and also Cit & Carpr . of London Consn Nil.

Hefford to Remnant

William Hefford< no role > Son of William Hefford< no role > of the Parish of Saint Martin in the
Fields Slaughterman bound to Joseph Remnant< no role > of Essex Street in the Strand
Carpenter and also Cit & Carpr . of London Consn 3.3s. CM St. Martins Parish

Gardner to Long

Thomas Christopher Gardner< no role > Son of Christopher Gardner< no role > of Ealing Com
Middx Victualler bound to John Wilkinson Long< no role > of Christs Hospital in the
City of London and also Cit & Carpr . of London Consn. 30.



William Morris< no role > Son of John Morris< no role > late of Newington Butts in the County of Surry
Locksmith bound to James Parry< no role > Cit & Carpr . of London & by him turn'd over
to George Butter< no role > for the Remr. of his time & now made free on the Testimony of
the said James Parry< no role > & George Butter< no role > .


Anthony Jefferson< no role > upon the Bank side Southwark Son of Anthony Jefferson< no role >
Citizen and Carpr. of London made free by Patrimony.


Benjamin Talbot< no role > of South Street by Audley Street Grosvenor Square Son
of Thomas Talbot< no role > of Kidderminster in Worcestershire Innholder bound to
Walter Cameron< no role > Cit and Carpr . of London and now made free on his testimony

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